How to Get Rid of Stress While Enjoying Yourself

By Mae Davies / October 28, 2014
How to Get Rid of Stress While Enjoying Yourself
Stress is an awful feeling to have. Let such distress or agitation get out of control and it will put your life in a stranglehold. Indeed, if you find yourself in a state of terrible mental tension, you won’t be able to work well; enjoy the company of your friends, family, and acquaintances; do the things you like; and eat properly. You’ll also constantly feel sad, angry, and sorry for yourself, and—worse—be at risk of falling ill. Fortunately, not only are there many ways of dispelling stress, you can learn how to get rid of stress while enjoying yourself.

But we aren’t telling you to go out, party, and get wasted. Sure, you may feel good while doing so, but just like how your problems re-materialize in your mind after a night of drunken revelry, there’s no guarantee that you won’t feel stressed when you wake up. Partying and getting drunk do nothing except distract you from your problems temporarily. The cause for your stress will remain until you actually deal with it.

When we say you can get rid of stress while enjoying yourself, we mean doing the things that can dispel this feeling of discomfort by making you happy without causing harm. Here are some examples:

Exercise Daily

Exercise is a physical activity in which your body produces more endorphins than usual. Endorphins may be described as your brain’s ‘feel-good’ chemicals. The more endorphins your body creates, the more you feel good and thus the less likely you’ll feel stressed. If you exercise daily, your body will create more endorphins on a daily basis, making it even less likely that you’ll feel stressed.

Have Mood-Improving Food

For most women, mood-improving food means starch- or carbohydrate-laden food like pastries. Women’s serotonin levels are low when they are in a stressed state. Serotonin is your brain’s calming, relaxing chemical. Increasing it by simply having some cookies or other baked goods whenever you’re stressed out can calm you down and make you feel better. But, unless you don’t mind gaining some weight, do so in moderation. get rid of stress

Have a Massage

Having a massage is one of the best ways to ease overall tension. Indeed, a study shows that aromatherapy massage significantly reduces the stress levels usually had by an emergency-room staff. In aromatherapy massage, therapeutic oils like lavender and chamomile are used in order to enhance its restorative effect. If there’s a massage that is sure to dispel your stress, it’s this one.

Stress may be an awful feeling to have, but there’s no reason for you to still feel miserable while in the course of actually dispelling this feeling of distress or agitation. There are so many ways that you can do so that some can be fun without being destructive. Given the 3 ways of how to get rid of stress while enjoying yourself safely, we hope to help you experience a lasting, overall feeling of calmness.

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