How to Have Your Best Orgasm

how to have best orgasm

For some women, achieving their climax during intercourse can be an uphill battle especially when compared to men. This remains true even with the score of adult products on the shelves today that are marketed as being those sexual enhancements that are sure to get us ladies going in the bedroom.

However, we need not be deterred by this challenge since there is the perfect solution that will get things heated up! Besides using tried and true techniques in the bedroom and communication with your partner, perhaps giving cannabis a try will surely spice things up and help you reach your peak that much easier.

Your partner will thank you and your body will thank you too.

What Does Health Cannabis Have to Do with Female Orgasms?

Female libido and health weed go hand in hand surprisingly and there is a score of evidence available to help validate this point. Not only has it been documented in multiple research studies and throughout history but many women have also documented their experience with cannabis-infused products that help them get more aroused in the bedroom.

This point is driven home with those same women recommending to others to definitely get down and dirty while high especially for older women who struggle with getting frisky even when they are pushing their age. When women get older, their sexuality takes a hit which arises in multiple problems including a decrease in libido and pain during intercourse.

In this case, just hit up your vape, eat your edible, etc to get your arousal back and have a good time again.

The Birth of Sexxpot

Have you ever thought that you were the only one with this issue? Well, you are not alone. Karyn Wagner also had her battle with this as well. She did her own experimenting by deciding to indulge in some pot prior to having sex.

Afterwards, she came to the conclusion that this was simply the best damn sex that she ever had. So, you know what she did? She decided to Frankenstein herself her own strain of marijuana that would resurrect those pesky orgasms.

She figured out what strain her and her partner had smoked that night, Mr. Nice, and decided to take the sex-enhancing aspects of it and make them even more intense. She then mixed it up with some G13 and Hash Plant and bam! That, ladies, is how Sexxpot was born.

Other Notable Health Weed Sex Products

Sexxpot is primarily available in California so you might have a difficult time snagging up some of the good stuff. However, don’t fret. There are still some notable cannabis infused adult products that you can get your hands on so you can still get in on the action. Some of these include:

Cannabis lubes
Cannabis suppositories
Cannabis creams
Cannabis condoms
Cannabis tampons (Okay, not a true “adult” product but worth checking out.)

Vaping is Key

Alright, so we know that health weed has a multitude of positive effects and can aid in getting you to your peak but what is the best way to take this stuff in? Well, if you opted for your favorite strain rather than a cannabis-infused product then consider using a vape pen.

Vaping cuts out many of the harmful effects that you would get if you lit up a joint and plain old smoked your buds. Plus, vaping ditches the bad breath which can likely kill your libido and confidence to interact with your partner all the same. All the “feel good” effects with none of the drawbacks of an ashy blunt.

Final Thoughts

Some women have a difficult time getting the engine running (perhaps even their partner too) but this can be easily fixed with a good dose of mary jane prior to getting frisky. Getting high prior to sex can make reaching those all too evasive orgasms that much easier especially with some strains like Sexxpott and other cannabis-infused products as your disposal. Just remember, you can always make it that much faster with a good vape—which you can keep right next to the bed…no need for lighter or ashtray.

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