How to Live Frugally but Still Stay Fashionable

How to Live Frugally but Still Stay Fashionable

One of the ways to improve your life is to learn how to live frugally. There are many benefits to living frugally, and the most obvious is that it would help you cut back on your expenses. But there’s more than just helping you manage your expenses well; knowing how to live frugally but still stay fashionable will also help you achieve an overall improved lifestyle.

However, for those who believe that every woman’s style and fashion should be equated to luxury, glamour, and everything that spells expensive, they may think that learning how to live frugally would have to mean holes in your clothes and dresses like those of a pauper. But don’t fret, because it’s possible for frugal living and fashion to co-exist. You don’t need to compromise your sense of style just because you’re learning how to live frugally. Here are some ways: how to live frugally but still stay fashionable

Watch out for Major Sales

If you want to constantly update your wardrobe but still be committed to learning how to live frugally, the best option is to watch out for major sales and discounts. You must have a mindset that being fashionable and stylish does not necessarily mean being expensive. Getting 50% to 70% off on items must be your goal so that you’ll spend less whenever you have to buy something new.

Modify Old Dresses

The truth about fashion is that it just keeps coming back. What’s in today will have a major comeback in the next years to come. So one of the secrets on how to live frugally but still stay fashionable is to recycle and modify old clothes. For example, when flare pants started to become “in” again after the rave of skinny jeans, I rummaged through my mom’s old clothes to find her old flare pants. Luckily, I found some that are still in good condition and I was able to wear them with just a few modifications.

Stock-up on Wardrobe Staples

Another way to live frugally but still stay fashionable is to stock-up on wardrobe staples. You should choose clothes and accessories that you’re sure you can use over and over again. Some of these pieces include a nice and durable pair of jeans, a little black dress (every girl should have one), a pair of black pumps, a leather bag, a classic trench coat or a tailored blazer, and a comfortable pair of flats.

Choose timeless pieces

Ever heard of classic and vintage outfits? These are just styles that absolutely spell timeless. Since these kinds of outfits have definitely stood the test of time, choosing such as part of your own personal style would help you have a wardrobe that’s strong, feminine, classy, and always in style. With these kinds of outfits, you would always look fashionable, but you won’t have to buy new clothes every season. So if you want to learn how to live frugally but still stay fashionable, you better choose timeless pieces as part of your wardrobe.

Quality over quantity

If you want to spend less and learn how to live frugally, you must think and choose quality over quantity. What’s good about having a lot of fashionable clothes if they’re not durable enough to last for years? What’s good about having stylish shoes if a heavy downpour and a good walk can easily ruin them? If you want your clothes and accessories to last for years (not just months or weeks), it’s better to invest in quality fabrics and workmanship; this way, you won’t have to constantly buy new things.

See? You can still learn how to live frugally but still stay fashionable! Being frugal doesn’t necessarily mean being style-less. Being stylish and staying within your own budget at the same time is indeed possible. You just have to be creative and imaginative.

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