How to Put an End to Binge Eating

How to Put an End to Binge Eating
Do you hide your feelings behind chocolate bars, or your favorite muffins, or any food you can think of?  Or do you simply just feel the need to keep eating because it makes you feel good?  Whatever your reason is for your eating frenzies, know that this is an eating disorder that needs to be addressed before it gets out of control.  Food is such a powerful tool, and when taken excessively, it can do a whole lot of damage to your body.  Being disgusted with yourself for eating an entire pack of cookies isn’t really enough to stop binge eating urges.  In fact, studies show that despite that, most people still binge every day simply because the brain treats eating as a reward or a compensation.  This is similar to issues when there is addiction to drugs or alcohol.  The brain just gives you that urge to eat and to keep eating.  Fortunately, there are several ways to stop binge eating urges.  And if you’re brave enough to stand up and take good care of yourself, read on to find out how.

Stop starving yourself

If your way to achieve your goal of losing weight is to starve yourself and restrict your food intake, this might just be the reason why you are binge eating.  To stop binge eating urges, you have to start by feeding your body what it needs to function properly.  Plan what you need to eat and know how much energy and nutrients you are getting from what you take in.  When the body is not well-fed, it will always urge you to eat.  And if you have been depriving yourself of food, your brain will send a message that it needs to be compensated for whatever it missed, which will cause you to eat more than you actually need. 

binge eatingShop smart

If you always have that urge to eat even if you are not hungry, then make it a habit to run to the store and stock up on healthy goods that are good for you – even if you load up on them.  You can definitely stop binge eating urges by making sure that what you have in your kitchen are goodies that are healthy and nutritious.  Read labels.  Find out more about what foods can easily tame your raging taste buds.  Research more if you have to.  It takes extra time and effort from you to learn more about the food you eat and what you can get from them, but the rewards will all be worth it.  Go ahead, shop, and eat smart.

Do not eat your emotions

Let me get this straight – eating whatever food your hands can grab will not and will never solve whatever issues you may have in life.  If you feel down and blue, overeating will not help.  Making food your coping mechanism for whatever good or bad situation you face will not do you any good.  Emotions are meant to be expressed and professed, not eaten.  You can stop binge eating urges by being mindful of your mood and how you respond to it.  When you are about to drown yourself in a sea of your favorite foods, stop and think about what you feel and why you feel that way.  If your emotions are soaring high, don’t go for the nearest chips you can lay your hands on.  Go for a friend’s advice or comforting words.  Trust me; these don’t make you fat.

Stop binge eating urges today and change your life forever!

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