How to Stay Motivated In a Male-Dominated World

By Mae Davies / September 14, 2014
How to Stay Motivated In a Male-Dominated World

Whether you want to face it or not, men have dominated our society since the dawn of mankind.  The early beginnings of our society, from politics, to the arts, to sports, and to warfare, show us that our social structures were shaped to cater to what benefits men.  It’s even safe to say that even nowadays, this patriarchal structure still echoes in some of the different aspects of our society. In order to advance through this testosterone-fueled world, a woman must stay motivated

 It’s all thanks to the efforts of the feminists and other female icons that the modern world is now slowly recognizing the role of women to more than just being housewives and being tied up in the affairs of their own households.

 Nowadays, the number of women in politics, business, and other aspects of society is slowly increasing.  Women are now making a stand in our modern world.  Yet, women still face a lot of challenges for society in general cannot altogether shake off its patriarchal structure and outlook.  There is always a constant struggle between a woman’s personal and professional responsibilities and what society expects from her out of these responsibilities.  And as a result, she tends to be easily disheartened with her work.

 Here are some of the techniques to stay motivated:

Keep a mindset

It’s very important to have a mindset in order for you to be motivated and to stay motivated in doing something.  This is because one’s way of thinking can actually change a lot of things.  The way we think about something can greatly affect our perspective and our attitude toward a particular thing.  Also, one’s mindset toward a particular situation can help in making it become more manageable and bearable.

Thinking about your work and your objectives rather than thinking about the number of men who surround you can help you have a mindset that will make you focus on your work and career.  Just remember to think and to believe in what you think.  Believe in yourself, and believe that you are capable of doing a lot of things and that you can definitely succeed in doing those things.

Let passion drive you 

As what Oprah said, “Passion is energy.”  Once we are passionate about something, we usually feel more enthusiastic and more excited about doing that particular thing.  Passion is like an instant fuel that can jumpstart us to do and achieve something, whatever that thing may be.

So whether the task at hand is big or small, if you are passionate about it, then surely you will also have the zeal to do it.  But if you are not passionate about it, then you won’t feel excited about whatever it is that you are doing. stay motivated

Play your own strengths

Don’t compare yourself to men or to anyone else.  Always comparing yourself to other people can diminish or even damage your self-confidence; it just makes you feel more and more insecure.  Instead of always comparing and feeling insecure, be confident.  Understand that every person is unique.  We differ from each other.  Every one of us has our own weaknesses and strengths.  You have your own strengths and skills, so use these to achieve success.

Never stop learning

Learning new things helps you grow personally and professionally.  Being knowledgeable about a lot of things can definitely boost your confidence and open a lot of opportunities for yourself.   Being more knowledgeable with your line of work or with whatever you are doing can also make you become more motivated to stay in the game.  So always find time to learn more about the things that you love so it will inspire and motivate you more and more each day.

Having a fixed goal, keeping a mindset, being confident, and being sure of yourself can indeed make you more motivated to achieve your dreams.  Even if the world stays as it is, i.e. a male-dominated one, you can still find your way through it and leave an indelible mark if you just stay motivated until you achieve success and finally reach your dreams.



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