How To Throw An Unconventional Bachelorette Party


Anyone can throw a bachelorette party with tiaras, sashes and quirky printed t-shirts that say Bridezilla and whatnot, but nowadays that isn’t what many women want.

And besides, those bachelorette parties are a dime a dozen.

If you really want to send your friend off to a life of marriage and domesticity right, you have to make the party thrilling, memorable and totally unexpected. You have to plan an unconventional bachelorette party.

To do that, perhaps the best place to start would be to break down the traditional “stages” of a bachelorette party: you have your activity, usually a planned tour of game early in the evening; then you have your meal, usually some upmarket restaurant with small plates and big bills; and you have the bar portion, usually a club where everyone ends up to party the night away.

This isn’t a bad model, but you can do better.

Using those same three stages, here is the more unconventional (read: more exciting) way to throw a bachelorette party.

The Activity

Instead of playing “would you rather” in a circle at home, why not get out there and do something badass, something that everyone will remember.

For your activity, why not book an axe throwing party through the Backyard Axe Throwing League – it may sound odd, but it makes total sense.


Your friend is a fierce, independent woman, and the only way to properly send her off is by hurling some axing and splintering some wood. With axe throwing, you get lessons on how to properly throw an axe, followed by a round robin tournament with friends.

It’s engaging, exhilarating, and it makes for one hell of an Instagram opportunity.

The Meal

Yes, you want good food, but you also want something substantial that will soak up all the alcohol that comes after, so a precious, small plates restaurant really won’t cut it.

You want something that everyone can share as well, and that fits everyone’s dietary restrictions (e.g. vegetarian, non-gluten, etc.). For these criteria, two cuisines come immediately to mind: Japanese and Ethiopian.

That’s right: Japanese and Ethiopian. For the former, you can hunt down an all-you-can eat sushi bar, and for the latter you can order a large mixed platter of curries and injera for the table.

Unconventional, but oh so delicious.

The Bar

Finally, you want to end up somewhere fun, that keeps the drinks flowing. No one would fault you if you want to wind up at a dance bar (bachelorettes tend to love dancing), but on the way you can stop at some less conventional places.

Try a board game bar for a quieter, more intimate experience, or a karaoke bar for a more raucous time. At the end of the day, you know the bride-to-be best, and you can use your best judgment to figure out what she would like.

And there you have it: all the beats of a regular bachelorette party, but tweaked just enough so it remains fresh and interesting. An out-of-the-ordinary friend deserves an out-of-the-ordinary party, so start planning your unconventional bachelorette party now.

About the Author Mae Davies

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