How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Personal Sleep Oasis

Your bedroom should be the area of your house that provides a dreamy escape from the pressures and stress from other aspects of your life.

We all know how it feels to come into a bedroom to relax and shut the outside world only to be confronted with an uncomfortable bed, laundry unfolded on a chair in the corner and lighting that would be better suited in an interrogation room.

Setting up a room to use as your own personal oasis is easy and will work wonders for balancing your state of mind.

Pick the perfect mattress

We all know that rest is important to your well being and sleep is integral to fuel your success.

With our busy lives not giving a moment to waste, it is all the more important for your mattress choice to allow you to fall asleep quickly.

If you typically toss and turn at night then you likely aren’t excited to get to go to bed. You probably put off sleeping because of this and can be considered a “sleep procrastinator”. 

If this is you then it’s time to get the perfect mattress that will leave you defenseless against its comfort. Premium mattresses for all sleepers are ideal for the type that doesn’t have a defined sleeping style like a side sleeper or back sleeper.

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Since your bedroom is generally your last landing spot it tends to collect things you have no specific space for or the energy to properly devote to organizing it. Since clutter is detrimental to your mental health and affects your sleep, it pays dividends to minimize it.

Get your closet organized to the point where you have a space for everything. This way it won’t be a chore to put things away and the temptation to toss your clothes or purse on a chair will be lessened.

Use proper lighting

Using the right kind of light will invite you into your bedroom to relax and encourage you to get into bed. Low light that diffuses depleted blue spectrum rays will encourage the production of melatonin.

This melatonin is a hormone that signals to your brain that it is sleepy time. To set your internal clock, this hormone is essential. Avoid bright light that mimics sunlight as it signals that it is time to wake up and be productive.

Use aromatherapy

With your comfortable mattress calling like a Siren and your room neatly organized, the last thing to take care of is the scent.

Using the right essential oils in a diffuser will set the right mood to put your mind in a relaxed state. Oils like lavender and chamomile will start the melatonin rushing through your brain and have you ready to fall into a deep slumber.

Get some rest

Once you have set up your bedroom as your own little personal retreat, it is time to take advantage. Spend your downtime there relaxing and enjoying the ambiance before falling into the perfect mattress.

Instead of putting off sleep as unproductive, your bedroom will now provide the rest you need as fuel to be more successful and happier.

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