Incredible Dance Routines That Are Natural Stress Relievers

By Mae Davies / November 12, 2014
Incredible Dance Routines That Are Natural Stress Relievers
It’s safe to say that Jane Fonda started it all with her Dance Aerobic routine in the 80s that she made available to the public via VHS tapes. A lot of women got hooked, and it was the most popular routine at that time. With increasing pressure from our daily lives, more and more women are seeking natural stress relievers that are inexpensive and easily accessible.  And while women know the importance of exercising, most just cannot find the motivation to hit the gym, run on treadmills, or lift some dumbbells.  If this is you, then maybe a dance routine is something you should try. There are many forms of dancing exercises out there from belly dancing to bollywood, but below are some that I have tried and can personally recommend:


I first heard about Zumba from a friend who was doing it way back in 2009, although Zumba came out as early as 2001. My friend has 4 kids (2 are toddlers) and helps her husband run a family business; she was definitely busy. But despite this, twice a week she would head to a local club that offers zumba classes for $8 per session. I really admired her determination and making it a priority to spend some time away from work and family, even if it’s just for an hour.

She said it’s so important to keep Zumba part of her schedule since it keeps her fit and helps her cope with the stress from the business and looking after the kids.

Zumba is a natural stress reliever that uses various types of music, such as Salsa, Pop, Caribbean, Meringue, etc.

At the moment, Zumba is my preferred choice of exercising. I love dancing to the music (mostly popular tunes), and seeing the highly charged instructor is extremely motivating and energizing.

Hip Hop Abs by Shaun T.

I came across Hip Hop Abs a year ago after doing P-90X (an extreme exercise routine done in 90 days that is geared toward ‘muscle confusion’); both routines are made by Beachbody, a company that produces DVDs that promote fitness.

Hip Hop Abs is a natural stress reliever that is fun to do, especially if you like hip-hop music. There are 3 levels, the 1st one of course being the beginner’s level, which lasts for 17 minutes. I had a tiny room back then (about 10 sq meters),and it’s amazing how I was able to do the routine in such a small space.

It was very easy to follow, and you will sweat in the first 10 minutes. I always feel great after doing it, and I find that I sleep much better on nights when I do the program.


Jazzercise is named as the number one fitness franchise in the United States.I first got a taste of Jazzercise way back in 2004, but it has been in existence since 1969.I remember the first time I went to a Jazzercise class; it was held in a large basketball hall/stadium in a New Jersey suburb, and we were about a hundred in that covered court. I was so far back that I could barely see the instructor in the front, but the music they used was really upbeat and soon I was dancing away. The first thing that came in my mind was that this was aerobics but way more fun. After that, I was hooked; I would come regularly, and this was my form of escape, my me-time, and my distraction from the stress of working. Even driving out in the snow during winter didn’t keep me from going to the classes. I only stopped attending when I moved to another place that didn’t offer Jazzercise classes, and I really missed doing it. natural stress reliever

The 2 Week Diet

Pole Dancing by Carmen Electra

I discovered this natural stress reliever dance routine through a friend of mine who lent me her DVDs of Carmen Electra’s Pole Dancing series. Initially, I wasn’t interested, thinking hmmmm…. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to use that in the future. And how exactly can I do it when I don’t have a pole?So it just sat there for weeks on my table. After about a month, I saw it featured in an article, which got me interested and I finally tried it.

I couldn’t be more wrong; you actually can do the routine even without having a pole. It starts with simple basic moves that are easy enough for any beginner to follow. The stretching in the beginning was very helpful and even the background music will put you in a very relaxed mood. It is not full of cardio moves like Zumba or Hip Hop Abs, but it will make you sweat nonetheless. What I loved about this routine is the fact that the moves are very easy to follow and, of course, it’s a bonus to see Carmen Electra doing it.

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