Indulge on Healthy Desserts

Indulge on Healthy Desserts

Most single women have been in indoctrinated to believe that thinner is better. But for the most part, single women, like you, are bombarded with offers to buy more food. Take for example, the discounts and coupons that companies offer you in the grocery stores. Perhaps you should also include the large servings offered in restaurants. These may be strategies to make you purchase more, but if you consider your health, you are fighting a losing battle.

There is a stigma attached when you over-eat; even when you’re eating healthy desserts. Some people might even discourage you from the consumption of dessert altogether. They may go to great lengths by saying that even healthy desserts are not good for you. On the other hand, health experts are saying otherwise. They are saying that it is OK to live a little and indulge a bit on healthy desserts; and they say that any kind of dessert, be it healthy or otherwise can boost how a person feels. Here’s how you can do that.

Quality, quality, quality

Some desserts sold in supermarkets are branded as diet-style, low calorie or low fat desserts. You may be tempted to buy lots of those, thinking that eating more of them won’t harm you. But not all of those diet desserts are healthy desserts—there are many artificial ingredients found in “diet” grocery products. Of course, you would not want to have them in your body, right? Instead of eating them, change to high quality healthy desserts that you can make yourself.

Be fruity

How about pairing your healthy desserts with fruit? Or better yet, just eat fruit for dessert. The truth of the matter is, many people fail to reach the recommended allowance of fruit servings per day. By satisfying your sugar craving with something healthy, you will want to eat fewer cakes. Furthermore, by eating healthier, you will gain more nutrients which you cannot find in most cookies and pies. It’s practically a win-win situation! healthy desserts

Find the perfect balance

You would not like to see your sugar peak too high. In order to avoid such instances, it is best that when you eat sweet and healthy desserts, always pair them with food that is rich in either protein or fiber. These can help maintain your sugar level so you don’t have bouts of sugar crashes. In addition to that, fiber keeps you fuller for longer periods of time.

Eat whole foods

If you kick your sugar addiction and change to eating whole foods, you’ll realize that those past favorites, such as candies and the like, now seem far too sweet. Instead of eating pure sugar in the form of candy, why not try healthier alternatives, such as fruit?There are many naturally sweet fruits which will satisfy your sweet tooth. You will also come to realize that all you’ve been tasting is pure sugar—there is no balance in the flavor. Eating healthier alternatives will awaken your palate.

Eating cakes, or for this matter, healthier cakes or desserts, does not mean you are not enjoying your food. It is no longer solely about the enjoyment of your food, but a better and longer life. Which will you choose?

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