It’s Time to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s Time to Live a Healthy Lifestyle
Women can delight in advanced medical science now.  Life expectancy of women is around 82 years, and that’s a huge leap from what was possible a hundred years ago.  It’s also worth pointing out that women tend to live longer than men.  If you’re a woman, your chance at living longer is bigger.  Is it because women tend to live a healthier lifestyle than men?  It’s hard to answer that question.  But we can always look at the data. We now know that the ratio between men and women 100 years old and above is 1:6.  That means for every man 100 years old and above, there are 6 women.  But demographic data says that the difference is getting narrow from 9 women for every 1 male centenarian in year 2000 to about 5 recently.  Perhaps more men have chosen to live a healthy lifestyle in the recent years. 

Anyway, this is only to show how women in general are more in tune with their health.  Today’s number of elderly women is a far cry from the number in the early 1900s, when women didn’t usually live longer than 50 years.  Health science has found a way to successfully treat diseases that were fatal 100 years ago.  Now hearing about a woman dying of tuberculosis is rare. live a healthy lifestyle

However, does the rise in life expectancy in women signify that they now know how to live a healthy lifestyle?  It seems as though that many women don’t do this.  You can deduce this from the data of the leading causes of death in women, which are chronic diseases.  At the top of the list, you’ll see heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and lung disease.  These conditions happen to people who don’t choose to live a healthy lifestyle.  Most of these diseases are caused by bad lifestyle choices.  What’s even more alarming is that statistics of people affected by heart disease or diabetes creeps to younger ages.  It’s not uncommon to hear that a single woman who’s 29 years old has hypertension.

Living more years now doesn’t seem to have anything to do with living a better, comfortable, healthier life.  One reason people live longer now is because the field of medicine has so advanced to the point that it can keep you up despite having diabetes or cancer.  Back in the day, people with any of these conditions would succumb to a few years of agony before finally bidding goodbye.  Now they can live for decades thanks to our modern understanding of human health and diseases and more revolutionized medical treatment and therapies.  But this doesn’t mean you can skip living a healthy lifestyle now to endure illness in your latter years.

Live a healthy lifestyle while you are young.  You may be thinking that it’s fun to go out with friends and party, try beer, and puff smoke for the first time.You may be thinking taking care of your health is so anticlimactic.  But the little efforts you do to live a healthy lifestyle will surely pay off later on.  When you don’t smoke, you keep your skin healthy and young-looking for a longer time.  When you start eating healthy foods and eating balanced meals, you won’t have to worry about diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

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