Just Before “I do!” How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

Business Ideas For Newlywed CouplesFew things mean more to a woman like an engagement ring.

Unfortunately, most men have no clue what to look for when buying this prized possession for the woman of their dreams. Should it be gold, platinum or silver? Do you want a diamond rock or sapphire? What is the difference between that ring that costs $1000 and the $1M that Brittany spears got?

With something that costs so much money and means so much to a woman, you want to make the right choice without her help. Here are five tips to help you pick the perfect engagement ring.

  1. Have a budget

Engagement rings range from $500 to millions of dollars depending on your pocket. The first thing you need to do is have a budget of how much you want to spend. On average, a really good ring will cost you $6,000, but you have to be realistic about your financial capability. Don’t buy a ring and stay in debt for years or compromise your future.

  1. Know the 4 Cs

Whether you care about rings or not, you have to be familiar with the 4Cs of diamonds when buying an engagement ring. The four Cs stand for carat, cut, color and clarity.

Carats are the weight of the diamond, and that is where all the money goes. Give the seller your budget and tell them to advise you on the best carat for that price.

While color and clarity won’t matter so much, you have to invest in the cut because it determines how much the diamond sparkles.

  1. Pick a reputable retailer

The jewelry industry is full of conmen, just like any other business. If you want to buy the real stuff, you have to go to a reputable dealer who may be a bit expensive, but you won’t be conned. Such a certified dealer will also have a lot of knowledge about rings so they can advise you on what to look for. They also have a wider variety and can custom make a ring for you if you want.

  1. Take a female friend
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Women are attracted to similar things, especially where diamonds are concerned. You can take her sister or best friend with you when going shopping. A female perspective will help you pick a ring your soon to be fiancés will like to be specific. They will also help you with the ring size.

  1. Know her personality

An engagement ring is something that your fiancé will wear every day, so it has to match her personality and lifestyle. You must study her in the weeks preceding the engagement to know what she likes. Does she wear a lot of gold or silver? Does she like understated things or she likes more sparkly and screaming stuff?

Unless a woman specifies that she would like to shop for her ring, the best thing to do is keep her in the dark until the material day. You have to unleash your inner spy to know what she likes and work with people will be helpful but discreet.

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