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When it comes to succeeding in life and in relationships, there’s no shame in being a tease to get what you need. It doesn’t help, however, that most of our cultural references imply that women must possess this incredible ability to captivate men.

So, while some of us have this amazing inherent skill to captivate any kind of audience with simple and exciting flirting, most of women actually have no idea about how to flirt and tease a little.

Thankfully, cultural references are wrong about so many things, chances are they are wrong about this.

So let’s assume we can learn to flirt. There is no harm in trying, is there? You can then apply your newly acquired skillset on this website – it’s an online website with a flirty name.

Here are 5 ideas to start practicing

Look him straight in the eyes

They say the eyes are the windows to one’s soul. With when it comes to flirting the eyes are one of your best weapons. They can speak about all things romance, so that you don’t have to.

Prolonged eye contact is a universally understood sign of sexual attraction.

But if you are after just a little fun, go ahead and try intermittent eye contact instead. This will make your guy feel interesting, needed and most importantly admired, which will result in him feeling attracted to you.

Try not to overdo it, don’t stare at the guy. Look way when you get a little smile in return – signal that he noticed your nonverbal signal of attraction. He’ll be ready to relax and have good time with you after that.

Now return his smile

Smiling is there to show how good we feel in a moment. So as soon as you see his smile, seize that moment and return a smile.

A good, happy smile makes us look so much more beautiful. People are always attracted to happy people who smile and laugh freely and frequently. It’s a good reason to smile more in general, but more importantly when you meet a guy you like.

The same as with an eye contact, try to smile frequently in response to your conversation. Show the guy that you like what he is saying, make him feel he has got your full attention.

Add a few jokes to put him at ease

Now that you’ve got each other in a nice happy place, remember that you can even make him laugh. More often than not men are put under a lot of pressure to be exciting and make make women laugh. Shake things up a little by saying a joke about his comments or a story – don’t take yourself too seriously, perhaps even make a joke or two about yourself.

He won’t even notice what made him feel so good during your conversation, but he will absolutely remember that feeling of being at ease and simply being happy.

Laughing together is one of the most intimate experiences people have. Laugher and humor bring us closer, they create some sort of mini universe for the people ‘in on a joke’. Use this wisely.

In today’s world – these are truly priceless memories, he will know how to find you again to try and re-live those moments again, and again, and again.

Surprise him with some compliments

We all long to be noticed and singled out for some good reasons. I believe that is why the word ‘special’ has been overused recently. With a number of billions of people populating this planet constantly rising it feels harder and harder to feel like somebody cares or appreciates you.

If you like receiving compliments, try giving some to you guy. Chances are he is not expecting it and will be very happy to hear something nice and clever about himself (who wouldn’t!).

But avoid generic compliments about his appearance, they seem cheesy and banal. Instead listen carefully to his stories and show him how well he manages to hold the best part a surprise all the way till the end, how he makes you laugh or how eloquent he is.

Introduce some accidental touch

After an hour of chatting, sitting close to each other, exchanging compliments and joke you might find yourselves feeling much closer to each other very quickly.

Be careful not to cross the line, but a gentle touch on a hand during a particularly funny story or a tap on a shoulder when he says something sarcastic – are perfect opportunities to introduce socially accepted intimacy of a friendly touch.

you can also encourage some touch by putting your hand very close to his, or moving slightly closer – because it is obviously so loud and you simply can’t hear him very well.

You might not succeed the first or even the fifth time, but if you keep practicing eventually it flirting will become a second nature to you and you will truly give in to this ancient art of non-verbal communication so cherished by our species.

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