Losing Weight with Meal Replacement Shake Recipes

By Mae Davies / September 12, 2014
Losing Weight with Meal Replacement Shake

One of the major problems of single women today is getting fat. Yes, you read that right. You refuse to believe this? Check out the Facebook photos of all your high school girlfriends. There are different ways to lose weight and regain your self-confidence. One is by checking out Gina Neely’s weight loss secrets. Or you can try meal replacement shake recipes.

From Fatty Foods to Diet Shakes

Now you can switch from an unhealthy, high-fat, sugary diet to simple meal replacement shake recipes, which you can take with you to work. They come as low-fat diet smoothies or protein shakes. If you are someone who tends to binge, it’s time to retrain your diet by consuming shakes. Break the habit of eating burgers, fries, and pizza. All these things make you fat, especially if you gobble them up while you’re at your desk.

Don’t worry. The perfect solution for bingers has arrived. You can now control your calorie intake with diet shakes, which are low in sugar and rich in nutrients. These handy and easy-to-prepare meal substitutes have a limited amount of calories, enough for your daily needs, and sometimes a little less than your daily calorie needs to force your body to burn stored fat. meal replacement shake recipes

From Fast Food to Easy-to-Prepare Smoothies

Meal replacement shakes are a perfect alternative for women who want to shed off fat but cannot control their diet. They are not your everyday meals that you cook in frying pans or heat in the oven. These are planned recipes with controlled levels of sugar and enhanced levels of protein, minerals, and vitamins.
Unlike standard meals, meal replacement shakes are quick to prepare. Once the ingredients are all set, all you need to do is mix them together in a juicer. Voila! You now have your meal substitute that you can take on your way to work.

From Ups and Dips to Steady Energy Supply

Diet shakes have a number of advantages over conventional forms of weight loss diets. Some of these pros have been mentioned already. Perhaps one thing that needs to be said is how meal replacement shakes or smoothies provide you with a constant supply of energy. The primary energy source of many shakes is protein, a macronutrient that provides the body with a steady supply of energy. With protein, your body does away with huge fluctuations of energy levels, something you experience with energy drinks and sugary foods.

Meal replacement shakes contain very little sugar. If anything, the sugars come from fruits. The number of fruits in the mixture is so controlled in order to keep calorie levels below 500, because you need to keep the calories down if you want to lose weight, or if you want to keep it stable. These modern weight loss innovations also don’t contain fat, and you will have to choose ingredients that have very little fat content. Hence, avocados are out of the question.

Breaking the Monotony

Now, take note that no matter how healthy these shakes are, they may bore you. To add variety in your weight loss routine, have one regular meal every day. Don’t overeat though. Another way to make this diet regimen interesting is to vary the ingredients of your meal replacement shake recipes from day to day so that you get a chance to taste different flavors and textures each day. One reason people cannot stick to conventional weight loss diets is because they eventually get bored with and uninterested in them. Imagine having banana smoothies every day. You know it’s going to get nauseating in a week. Thus, plan a variety.

Meal replacement shake recipes don’t have to be dull. Consider a glass of an orange-strawberry-banana shake that should have roughly about 250 calories or a French vanilla shake that has about 220 calories plus protein and fiber.

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