Makeup Psychology Why Colors and Sizes Matter

One of the most common misconceptions about makeup is that its psychology is solely based on visual appeal. What many people don’t realize is that the way that these products modify facial features greatly affects the way that makeup users are being seen by other people. This is because a highlighted face, big and bold eyes, and a bright lip triggers something chemical in the brain, which can make someone instantly look healthier and more beautiful. By understanding makeup psychology, you can fully understand the impact of makeup on your life. This in turn will enable you to assess if you can truly live with or without it. Here is a short rundown of how makeup can affect the way other people see you.

Bold Lips

For years, [thirstylink linkid=”10698″ linktext=”bold lip colors” title=”bold lip colors”] have taken center stage in countless fashion magazines and runways because of its profound effect on people. As it turns out, its effect goes beyond shock factor or the contrast that it provides when it’s paired with simple eye shadows.

According to the research conducted by professionals at Manchester University, men stare at women for a longer period of time when women are wearing lipstick, especially if the lipstick shade is striking or bold. The same researchers also conducted a survey in order to determine the feature that most men find to be the most attractive. And guess what? Lips won by a landslide. This just goes to show that putting some color into your lips can affect the way that you’re perceived by other people.

makeup psychologyHighlighted Face and Blushing Cheeks

Science dictates that when choosing a mate, one of the characteristics that you should always consider is the health of the candidates since it gives you an idea of their child-bearing capabilities. This doesn’t mean that when men choose their mates, they automatically go for women who look healthy enough to carry their kids. It just goes to show that men have a natural and often inexplicable need to go after healthier-looking women. This is where the importance of a highlighted face and blushing cheeks comes into full view as these are the usual characteristics of women who are healthy and fit.

Big and Bold Eyes

Men are naturally drawn to women who’ve high levels of estrogen. This is because high levels of estrogen indicate a caring or nurturing vibe that most men find to be extremely attractive. Because of the fact that big and bold eyes are natural indications of high estrogen levels, women with Bambi-eyes or doe-eyes are more favored by most men. Hence, women with bold eyes are found to be more attractive.

These are just some of the ways that makeup psychology affects men and women. By taking a look at these principles, it’s easy to see that makeup is nothing but a mask that you can wear every morning and take off every night in order to enjoy its effects. This will make it easier for you to realize how easy it’s to give up the concept of putting on makeup everyday just to please other people.

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