Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy, The Future of Yoga

Mandy Ingber's Yogalosophy, The Future of Yoga
Whoever said there’s no need to reinvent the wheel should meet Mandy Ingber.  Apparently not one to sit on her laurels, this celebrity yoga instructor—whose clientele include Emilia Clarke, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston, and Kate Beckinsale—invented a new form of yoga that she calls Yogalosophy and then wrote a handbook on it, which made her a New York Times best-selling author.

While Ms. Ingber’s success is amazing, it didn’t happen overnight. Before she became a best-selling author, Ms. Ingber was a fitness and wellness expert to celebrities, as well as a teacher with 20 years of professional experience.  Her achievements as such include having been awarded ‘Best of LA’ in LA Weekly, Los Angeles Magazine, and Daily Candy for her outstanding yoga classes; working as contributing fitness and wellness advisor for USA Today, Women’s Health, and Yahoo; contributing to Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and several other magazines; having appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and Access Hollywood; and being a member of the Advisory Committee for Cancer Prevention Clinic at the Margie Petersen Breast Center at the Providence Saint John’s Health Center.

How did Ms. Ingber become so passionate about fitness, wellness, and yoga?  Her journey of success started early in her life.  She was 7 when she discovered yoga through her father. He did yoga at home to alleviate his pain from the back injuries he sustained due to being very athletic. He continued doing yoga even after his injuries healed. She, her brother, and her father did yoga together to bond. What started as a family affair became her passion. According to Ms. Ingber, not only was doing yoga a part of her life already; it also enabled her to unite her body, mind, and emotions harmoniously. She aims to help other people achieve the same through Yogalosophy.

While yoga, the basis for Yogalosophy, involves neither weight lifting nor repetitive movements like with most other exercises, Yogalosophy integrates yoga postures with toning exercises. For instance, the handbook requires a set of leg lifts to be done while holding the asana, or ‘cow pose’. Doing leg lifts strengthens and tones your lower abdominal muscles, as well as tones your butt. The integrated muscle-toning exercises increase the difficulty of properly holding each pose while maintaining the meditative effect of them all; thus, we trust that Yogalosophy is more beneficial to overall health than traditional yoga.

Yogalosophy includes healthy recipes and Ms. Ingber’s engaging anecdotes about each chapter as well. Thanks to these recipes, the handbook itself is sure to help you stay fit. It goes without saying that exercise will be futile if it isn’t done together with a healthy diet and vice versa. Thanks to her anecdotes, the handbook affords you windows into Ms. Ingber’s personal thoughts, truly giving it a human touch, which makes it even more engaging.

yogalosophyBut to see is to believe, as the age-old adage goes, so to prove the effectiveness of Yogalosophy, we strongly suggest getting yourself a copy of Ms. Ingber’s handbook through Amazon. Not only is it currently being sold here for a reasonable price; it’s also been selling well. So do pay the site a visit before it’s too late.

Yoga: Exercise That’s More Beneficial for Everybody Than You Could’ve Ever Imagined

While you may know that Madonna, Sting, Matthew McConaughey, and Gisele Bundchen do yoga, do you any idea why it is used to stay fit and healthy? Yoga is essentially exercise, but its benefits go beyond enabling people to remain in good shape and health. For proof, just ask Mandy Ingber, a celebrity yoga and fitness instructor as well as the author of the 28-day “ultimate mind-body makeover” Yogalosophy.

Before we discuss Yogalosophyfurther, let us discuss yoga first. After all, Ms. Ingber’s book is based on it. Why study the branch when you should study the tree itself?

Yoga is a system of exercises for improving flexibility, breathing, and strength to promote physical and mental well-being. Instead of lifting weights and/or repeating certain movements several times, yoga involves adopting, as well as sustaining, certain postures while breathing deeply and steadily.

Yogaisn’t a new form of exercise.  Having originated in India about 5 millennia ago, it could be one of the oldest—if not the oldest—system of exercises still done today. Due, in large part, to its popularity among celebrities, as well as capacity for providing benefits to physical and mental well-being, yoga is now done at schools and hospitals apart from gyms, health clubs, and leisure centers.

The word yoga was derived from yuj, which is Sanskrit for join, unite, or yoke. With the system of exercises itself, this means uniting the body and the mind. Yogis, the practitioners of yoga, believe this union will bring harmony, as well as happiness, to a person’s life. Since endorphins, the so-called ‘feel-good’ chemical produced naturally by the body, are released during exercise, doing yoga can dispel stress, sadness, anger, and even depression. Since exercise can make a person healthier and stronger, doing yoga can help him avoid getting sick as well. Doing so can also help sufferers of illnesses like high-blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases stay strong and fit, enabling them to continue living normally. But if you’re healthy, fit, and strong already, doing yoga can help you stay so as well as remain on an even keel,having positive effects in your life. Staying healthy and fit enables you to enjoy all the good things life has to offer. Having a calm disposition enables you to weather trials and tribulations and bounce back after they’ve passed, thereby keeping your life balanced. Being so also draws to you good vibes, friends, and opportunities, making your life pleasant and harmonious.

Given how surprisingly beneficial it is to us all, it’s no surprise that, like Ms. Ingber, many people have adapted and tweaked yoga in various ways. As a result, there are various forms of yoga among which you may select the most suitable one for you. They range from as old and traditional as yoga itself to as modern, simple, and easy but effective as Yogalosophy.  If you’d like to try one out, we suggest you check out Ms. Ingber’s.

5 Simple Guidelines to Follow to Get the Most Out of Yogalosophy

In case you’ve only now read about it, Yogalosophy is a handbook,written by celebrity yoga instructor Mandy Ingber, of eating guidelines and detailed, tried-and-tested, body-sculpting workouts combining yoga postures with various, effective exercises for making the entire body toned and strong.  Italso includes healthy recipes and Ms. Ingber’s engaging anecdotes about each chapter. All these are intended to change the readers’ bodies, minds, and lives for the better. But if you approach the workout without a positive mind-set, your efforts will be for naught.

To get into the right frame of mind, Ms. Ingber suggests:

1. Loving Your Body

Telling you to love your body doesn’t mean you should be a narcissist.  It means you should realize your body’s unique beauty.  It’s perfect already, so says Ms. Ingber.  In other words, you have your dream physique already.  It’s within you, waiting to be revealed.  You have to work to help it come out. In the process, Ms. Ingber trusts that your self-confidence will improve, enabling you to do so much more.

2. Being Dedicated to Achieving Your Short-term Goals

Most of us are more motivated to achieve our long-term goals than our short-term goals, because the former may appear more desirable than the latter. For instance, many people tend to work harder to own a house, which is many people’s long-term goal, than to go on a vacation, which is many people’s short-term goal. Ms. Ingber says it’s better to focus on the latter than the former, because it would be better to achieve small but important goals than be discouraged gradually by not seeing any progress toward achieving big and important but difficult goals. These successes will have a positive cumulative effect than can improve the chances of achieving long-term goals.

3. Making an Effort to Stay Positive

That said, employing your imagination a bit, as well as being grateful, helps with becoming positive. Ms. Ingber suggests visualizing doing the workout successfully, and appreciating each of your accomplishments in the course of doing so. As we mentioned already, being in the right frame of mind is key to success. If you believe you’ll be able to do the workout successfully, the chances that you’ll be able to do so indeed will be high. By expressing gratitude for everything you accomplish pertaining to the workout, you’ll feel content. Ms. Ingber says feeling so enables you to do the workout easily.

4. Asking for Support

But that doesn’t mean it will be easy. There’s no guaranteeing you won’t have problems. To be able to do the workout despite difficulty, Ms. Ingber suggests asking for the support of people who could help you, like your family and friends. You may also join a group of people practicing Yogalosophy.

5. Following a Healthy Diet

Staying healthy depends on how healthy you are on the inside. If you always fill up on junk food, you’ll be unhealthy no matter how much you exercise. 

According to an age-old adage, wars aren’t won on the battlefield; they are won in the minds of the people. Although it relates to conflict, this saying can be applied to Yogalosophy. No matter how hard you try to do the workout, if you do so without a positive mindset, you won’t receive all the benefits it can give.By following the above guidelines, we trust you’ll succeed.

The Makeover That in Less Than a Month Can Change You for the Better in Mind and Body

When you hear the mention of a makeover, it’s likely that images of a new hairdo and/or a new wardrobe for you appear suddenly in your mind. This is because for you, along with women in general, this word may just mean changing your appearance at a whim. While doing so is usually intended to cheer you up, it won’t have any lasting change to your psyche. But what if we told you that there’s a makeover called Yogalosophythat can improve your appearance, as well as mental health, within four weeks?Would you believe us?

mandy ingberPenned by yogi-to-the-stars Mandy Ingber, Yogalosophy is a handbook of eating guidelines and detailed, tried-and-tested, body-sculpting workouts combining yoga postures with various, effective exercises for making the entire body toned and strong. This handbook includes healthy recipes and Ms. Ingber’s fascinating anecdotes about each chapter as well. All these are intended to change the readers’ bodies, minds, and lives for the better.How can the handbook do so, you ask? It can by way of yoga.

While it’s essentially a system of exercise, yoga is also intended to improve people’s mental well-being. It’s designed to do so by uniting their bodies and minds. Unlike most of the other forms of exercise, which involves lifting weights and/or repeating certain movements several times, yoga involves adopting, as well as sustaining, certain postures while breathing deeply and steadily. Similar to the Chinese exercise t’ai chi ch’uan, which is widely referred to outside of China as tai chi, doing yoga has a meditative effect on the person doing it,enabling him to improve his mental health while getting fit.In her handbook, Ms. Ingbertweaked yoga a bit. She integrated each posture with a toning exercise. For instance, in her handbook, she requires the readers to do a certain number of tricep pushups after holding the side plank posture.

How did Ms. Ingber find the inspiration for Yogalosophy? She herself has said she understands her life through firsthand experiences. (This is her philosophy, hence the title of her handbook, which is a combination of the words yoga and philosophy.) As a yogi to celebrities, who include Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsale, Helen Hunt, and Brooke Shields, Ms. Ingber may have realized her A-list clients needed more than just being able to stay fit.  As widely known stars, these women needto be strong and centered as well.  By having increased the required effort to hold the postures successfully while still maintaining the meditative effect of each one, we trust Ms. Ingber’s new form of yoga is of great help to her clientele. Indeed, Yogalosophy has been selling well through Amazon, where it has received a rating of 4 and a half stars out of 5 and is available for a good price.

But don’t just take our word for all this. So you could prove the effectiveness of Yogalosophy for yourself, we strongly suggest you pay a visit to Amazon and get yourself a copy of Ms. Ingber’s handbook. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

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