Move Out of Your Comfort Zone! Plunge into Life!

Move Out of Your Comfort Zone! Plunge into Life!
Safety, predictability, control – those are just some of the adjectives that describe our comfort zone.  It’s also the reason why we are often very hesitant to leave our comfort zone or the things that we have been used to doing.  But do you know that life starts beyond our comfort zone?

Yes, our comfort zone means safety, something that we’re good at or something where we won’t have less chances of failing because we’re so used to doing it.  It’s comfortable because everything is familiar to us; we feel secured because nothing is unusual, so nothing is scary.  However, it also means that nothing is new.  We’re just doing what we do every day repetitively, and this won’t take us anywhere. comfort zone

Great successes and big adventures only happen when we take risks.  A big business won’t happen if a businessman won’t take a risk in doing business in the first place, a woman won’t have her great love if she won’t take a risk in putting her heart on the line, and a basketball player won’t become an MVP if he won’t take a risk in shooting that ball.  Taking a risk may sometimes be scary and it may take a lot of courage from us, but it’s all worth it in the end.

Living within our comfort zones may be safe, but it’s boring.  We may be scared to take a risk and to plunge into life, but at the end of the day, it would still be a win-win situation.  If you took a dive and came out unsuccessful, still, you will learn a very important lesson that only failure can teach you.  Failure doesn’t mean the end of the world for you; rather, it’s an opportunity to learn life’s important lessons and to improve yourself.  On the other hand, if you took the plunge and came out successful, then you’ll definitely have a life-changing moment!  You will not only become successful, but you will even achieve your dreams.

So what are you waiting for?  Do one thing every day that scares you like Eleanor Roosevelt.  Take a risk! Plunge into life!

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Mae Davies

BA, MA Psychology (and Conflict Resolution), University of Cambridge (2007). With a decade of trial and error in psychology and 33 years of navigating my own complex (that's one word for it!) relationships with family, friends, co-workers and men, I hope I have some useful knowledge and skills to share with my readers about making sense of relationships and trying to become a better person every day.