Mutual Masturbation: How It Helps Your Relationship

Mutual masturbation is so hot right now. It used to be taboo to admit that you masturbated. Now you’re inviting your spouse or partner to join you!


gift ideas christmasIt may seem counterintuitive to use masturbation as a tool to keep your romantic spark alive. Yet, it is a very intriguing way to add some kink without being too wild. 

Instead of trying to find some private moments to take care of yourself, use the need to masturbate as an opportunity to share an intimate moment with your partner.

This way, it is not a substitute for sex. It is another activity that can be done together to further your bond.

In this article, I will go over some reasons it is helpful and how you can bring it into your own bedroom.

Use some toys

Before I get into the benefits, let me make a suggestion on how to really gild the lily when it comes to masturbation. Bringing some adult sex toys into the equation is a fun way to make each other come. 

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Sex toys, in general, are a great way to bring more fun into the bedroom. But, for mutual masturbation, they are an integral part of the action.

They can range from a simple dildo to a vibrator and even a fleshlight for him to really add some spice to the event. Buy a few and decide which ones work best for your tastes.

It leads to more sex

Anything that is even slightly different than your normal sex routine can increase your sex drive. 

When sex becomes routine, you find it more difficult to keep the spark going. It is a great time to ask questions, too so you can understand better what turns your partner on. Then next time you are having sex, you can incorporate some of what you learned.

Even if you’ve been married for a while there is always something to learn sexually about your partner.

If sex has started to feel like a chore then this is a good way to break up the routine and get out of the sexual rut.

It introduces a kink

Some couples also fall into a routine in which sex turns stale even when they are doing it often.

Sometimes it takes a little kink to get inspired. Though some might consider mutual masturbating as tame as it gets, others see it as something kinky.

It could even be a gateway to exploring fetishes. Especially if there are some kinks that you might be interested in but were afraid to ask. 

Maybe you want him to come on a part of your body. This is a good chance for that to happen and it might even lead to fetish you never knew you had.

It’s just taboo enough

Since masturbation has been drilled into our heads as something we aren’t supposed to do, it gives a thrill of doing something taboo when you do it together.

It may start out as an enhancement to jumpstart your sex life, but it could end up being a regular thing.

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