Never Be Afraid to Love Again

Like many of you, I too have experienced being madly in love with someone.  But unfortunately, I never got the happy ending that I had been wishing for.  My relationship with that person ended with me being truly hurt, and because of it, I said to myself that I would never let myself fall deeply in love again.

Being hurt by the person you love is really a very sad and painful thing.  I felt betrayed and used.  I always asked myself what I had ever done wrong to deserve such hurt and pain.  I was really angry with him and also with myself for believing in all his cosmic lies and for entrusting my heart to him.  I really feared the possibility of letting another person into my life again and letting myself fall for that person because I may experience being hurt again.

For three years, I remained single primarily because of my fear of being hurt again.  It’s not as if I didn’t enjoy being single, especially with all its benefits and advantages; it’s just that being single and independent for the past years has made me realize that I’m stronger than what I think, than what I give myself credit for.  Being a single and independent woman for these past years has made me gain a lot of perspective in love and in lifelove again

After I moved on and all my hurt and pain were healed by time, I realized that I should never let myself be afraid of falling in love again.  I should have never let the possibility of being hurt stop me from loving and from caring for somebody else.  This is because pain is a part of love as much as night is a part of day.  Pain is essential for us to grow more in our relationship; pain is needed for us to learn more valuable lessons and for us to reevaluate and rebuild ourselves; it’s needed for us to become more mature and wiser with our decisions. Pain makes us stronger.

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