Non comedogenic Makeup, come again?

Non comedogenic Makeup, come again
Girls love makeup; these words cannot be truer. The fact that makeup has the ability to cover blemishes instantly is the major reason for this undying love. But more than that, makeup is cheap compared to clinical procedures done in spas that may or may not be painful. The only dilemma girls have when it comes to makeup application is that, sometimes, their choice of cosmetics causes the skin breakouts on their faces. Sure, they can try other brands, but how much trial and error can they perform before they raise the white flag and shout in defeat that there’s no makeup made for their skin? There’s good news, girls. Non comedogenic makeup has hit the market, and it’s yours for the taking! non comedogenic makeup

What is a non comedogenic makeup?

Non comedogenic makeups are cosmetics that will not clog your pores. This characteristic is a total keeper, considering that when your pores are clogged, skin breakouts are likely to happen. What are the common ingredients of non comedogenic makeup?

  1. Aloe vera extract – Aloe has the natural capacity to moisturize, hence perfect for those suffering from dry skin. More than that, aloe vera can lessen inflammation, so if you have skin breakouts such as acne and pimples, they will heal. This is so unlike other cosmetics, which only aggravate the problem with skin breakouts.
  2. Hazel extract- Hazel extract is a natural astringent. Astringent is popular in cleansing uses, but it is also used to minimize pores, thus improving the skin’s complexion. It can also hydrate the skin like aloe can.
  3. John’s wart extract – This extract is packed with antioxidants that help skin battle the signs of aging.
  4. Tea tree extract – Is a natural antibacterial, perfect in preventing skin breakouts.
  5. Bentonite clay – Bentonite clay is the best solution in drying out pimples and acne. It is also beneficial in removing impurities and toxins present in the skin.

 As an added tip, make sure that you choose those cosmetics that are hypoallergenic, especially if your skin is super sensitive.

Other tips when it comes to cosmetics:

  • In choosing a non comedogenic foundation, choose the liquid foundation instead of the powder ones. Relax, there’s nothing really wrong with powder finish, only that they will look okay in a shorter period compared to liquid finish, which will look good for hours and hours.
  • Before buying any foundation cosmetics at all, make sure that you test it first in three areas of your face: under the eyes (to see if it really covers your panda assets or eye bags), around the nose, and on the jaw. These three have the perfect contours to check whether the color suits your skin.
  • Remember not to apply the non comedogenic foundation all over your face. In fact, do not apply any foundation all over the face. Just cover the areas with blemishes and blend it on your skin. Another tip is to use a sponge; don’t use your finger because it does not produce a finer finish.
  • Put your concealer over your foundation. This is one of the common mistakes in makeup application. Concealers are made to cover, not to blend. What would be the point of concealer if you just mix it with the foundation, non comedogenic or otherwise?
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