Overcoming Procrastination – Reasons Why it Holds you Back

By Mae Davies / August 27, 2014
Overcoming Procrastination - Reasons Why it Holds you Back

Hou think of them as simple pleasures, some things that you don’t want to deny yourself of. Or maybe you see them as “motivation” before a hard day’s work. What you don’t know is you’re already thinking wrong. When you have a “little” job to do, and you have a “lot” of time on your hands, the tendency is to procrastinate. You have to stop. “It’s just an easy job and I have all week to do it” is one way of saying that you’re not serious, you’re not reliable, and you don’t want the job. Overcoming procrastination should be your top priority.

Here are the top 5 ways by which procrastination holds you back:

  1. It kills time. Procrastination lures you into thinking that you have a lot of time. The moment you succumb into the trap, it will be too late to realize that the time you should have spent on doing what’s important has been lost on trivial, fleeting things. The goal of overcoming procrastination is for you to treasure time. Time is important; allot it for important matters.
  2. It ruins your reputation. If you make procrastination a hobby, you’re digging your own hole. Your co-workers and the people around you will feel like you’re too superficial. They won’t trust you with bigger tasks because they’ll conclude that you won’t take it seriously. Prove them wrong. You’re an independent woman, one who can accomplish a task with grace under pressure. Start by overcoming procrastination and you’ll be on your way to a promotion. overcoming procrastination
  3. Procrastination throws you off. When you procrastinate, you are refusing to train your mind. You’ll be too content, too adjusted, that your mind will be complacent. The only thing you’ll find by the end of the day is a job done with only half your heart. Be the competent lady that you are, focus on the task at hand, and come out victorious because you’ve done it great and you’ve learned something important out of it.
  4. It will only give you a broken heart. An assignment done after procrastination is not something you can be proud of. You’ll end up thinking that you could have done something much, much better than what you have submitted. But what else can you do? Time was lost and so was the chance. Don’t give yourself heartache because of regret; be on your way to overcoming procrastination.
  5. It’s dangerous. No, that is not an exaggeration. Procrastination is really dangerous. It can cost you your job. Imagine not having submitted something that’s so simple because you thought you had more time. What if that simple thing turns out to be one big deal when not submitted on the dead.

Value your time, your character, and your competence. Doing so will give you a great advantage.

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