Turn Your Passion For Fitness Into A Business

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We as women, more than ever, are constantly being reminded, and pressured, about not only our appearance, but our state of health.

We live in an age where the majority of people are starting to understand that they have got to start being more active.

The Internet didn’t just bring us new and quicker ways to connect with people and keep in touch; it led to us being bombarded with instantly available statistics on obesity in American women, beach pics from our girlfriends where they look absolutely stunning in their new bikini, and advertisements for those skinny jeans that would look perfect for our figure, if only we could squeeze into them.

The point is that more and more women are starting to realize that their health, and being active in our lives, matters. While no woman should ever be made to feel ashamed based on the way she looks, or judged because of the life choices she’s had to make, we can’t deny one thing ladies: if we want to look, and feel, our best, we’ve got to make a conscious effort to stay active and healthy.

If you’ve already had this realization, and if fitness is a passion in your life, that’s awesome!

You’re already ahead of the curve, and you’ve overcome that massive hurdle of just getting started. But for thousands of women, the struggle is very real to get motivated, get informed, and make a change.

You could be the difference that allows another woman out there looking in the mirror, or at her blood pressure reading, and hating what she sees, to make that change.

What’s even better is that you can make money for yourself and your family, at the same time as you help others.

To that end, here are three ways you can turn your fitness passion into a business.


With your own youtube channel, you’ll be able to connect with thousands of women, without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

One thing that scares us away from the gym or the health club is how other people will perceive us. We see these amazing ladies who can run on a treadmill for an hour straight, or do dozens of pull-ups without anyone’s help, and all it feels like is, “I’ll never be able to do that.”

Through a YouTube channel, you’ll be able to create fitness videos that are fun, engaging, and effective, and share them with women all over the world.

With your videos, you can cover general fitness plans that work the entire body, sessions that target our bellies, thighs and butts (the guilty parties for most women feeling insecure about their figure), and offer tips and ideas for effective dieting and nutrition.

Most importantly, you’ll provide a woman who’s terrified of going to the gym, but still wants to take charge of her health, the opportunity to do so in the safety and security of her own home.

A Fitness Blog

There are literally millions of blogs available on the web, and women make up more than half of the blogosphere. We love to browse blogs to get advice, find useful resources, and connect with other women who we can share our thoughts and feelings with.

For you as a personal trainer wanting to connect to a new audience, a blog is a great outlet to do so. It has the same benefits of videos, in terms of out home comfort and international reach, but offers several unique advantages.

First – you’ll be able to talk about the same topics you can on your video, but you can go much more in depth. With a video, you don’t want to spend a lot of time talking about the science behind why a particular exercise works; you need to focus on teaching and performing the exercise so your viewers don’t get bored. But with a blog, you can take as much time and space as you want to explain why this method works, but others don’t.

Second – It’s much less time consuming, and far less expensive. You’ll still need to invest several hours per post to make your blog relevant and engaging, but that’s still a far cheaper investment than buying a high quality camera to shoot your video, microphones and lighting implements to improve the experience, and editing software to bring it all together. With a blog, you can focus on the written word, and for illustrating your points, free stock fitness photography works great.

Finally – A blog will allow you to connect not only with women who use and appreciate your service, but other fitness gurus who will help you develop as a trainer, give testimonials to improve your credibility, and contribute with you to share your readerships and help each other’s blogs grow.

A Podcast

Women love to talk, and it’s awesome. There’s nothing that can refresh and inspire us quite like listening to other women share their dreams, their secrets, their fears, and their tips for success.

Podcasts are powerful because they enable us to connect with someone by hearing a compelling voice, that wants to share the best advice with us they can with us, anywhere we go.

Through a fitness podcast, you’ll be able to connect with this same audience, and they can access your program wherever they are, and whatever they’re doing. They can listen to your sessions about methods to improve their mental resilience on their drive to work, or listen to your results from a study on dieting while they do the laundry, or follow along with you during a yoga session in their own backyard.

The possibilities for flexibility are extensive with a podcast, and for women on the go (isn’t that all of us?), it’s the perfect way to keep up with what you’re doing with each post, generate ideas to improve their health or fitness routine, and stay connected no matter how much, or how little, time they have.

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