Power Foods That Relieve Stress

By Mae Davies / September 2, 2014
Power Foods That Relieve Stress

Feeling stressed just by the sight of your to-do list?  Stress can affect your health as it can lessen your sleep and make you disregard your healthy eating habits.  Less sleep means fatigue; and when you start stress eating, you tend to take in excess calories that can definitely take its toll on your weight.  Sometimes stress can make you reach out for that chocolate bar or go for your third cup of coffee for the day.  Do you eat more when you feel stressed or do you eat to make you feel better?  Here are some power foods to include in your diet that can help relieve stress:


If you need to calm your exhausted nerves, drink a cup of tea.  Ginseng tea is one of the most popular teas that helps clear out mental exhaustion and promotes better sleep for those who have trouble sleeping.


Foods high in omega 3 fatty acids, such as salmon and tuna, prevent the stress hormone from reaching its peak.  Studies also show that when healthy fats are included in your diet, you are protected against heart diseases.


Before you reach for that candy bar, think again.  Munching on carrots can help relieve stress in a mechanical way.  When you munch on crunchy vegetables such as carrot sticks or celery, your clenched jaw is relieved and gets released, which wards off tension headaches.


This power fruit is packed with Vitamin C, which reduces the amount of stress hormones that affect your body.  On top of that, oranges are also known for boosting your immune system.


If you are having a hard time getting enough sleep, then drink milk.  Drinking milk before bedtime can relieve stress by relieving tense muscles and promote a more restful sleep.  Milk is also known for providing calcium that helps develop strong bones.relieve stress


Stress directly affects your mood.  Asparagus is high in folic acid, which aids in stabilizing your mood.  When you are feeling stressed and depressed, add snacking on asparagus to your list to fight stress and boost your mood.


Feelings of anxiety and stress may be caused by a Vitamin B deficiency.  Avocados provide nutrients for healthy brain cells and nerves.  They are also rich in potassium, which prevents high blood pressure.


Almonds are packed with the goodness of Vitamins B and E that help boost the immune system.  A dosage of a quarter of a cup can actually do the trick.

Red bell peppers

These contain nutrients that provide more energy and renew damaged cells caused by stress.  Red bell peppers are packed with Vitamins A and C and folate, which are very good additions to the list of foods you can consider for your healthy eating habits.


This herb is a great source of folate and a great source of flavor to your dishes.  It is considered a stress-reducing herb.

When you are trying to get through the day and are in danger of encountering an extremely busy schedule, you can take all these foods to help drive all that stress away!

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