Preparation H for Puffy Eyes: Hop on it, or it’s a Hoax?

Hre your friends telling you that you always look tired? Well, if the reason they are saying that is because of eye swelling, you must not just look like it. You must feel like it. If you’ve been suffering from swollen eyes long enough for you to feel really tired, then you must have tried a lot of home remedies for puffy eyes. The question is did they work?

For some, yes. And they are probably very happy about it. Imagine—no need to spend money on expensive topical applications. And no need to worry if they are ever going to take effect because there’s little to no investment. However, if you’re included in the number of women who did not experience improvement even after thoroughly following the instructions (home remedies for puffy eyes have simple instructions, though), you’ll be really frustrated. I feel for you. So, scratch home remedies for puffy eyes. It’s time to take things to a new level. Maybe there’s something out there that can solve the problem.

Have you heard about Preparation H?

First up—Preparation H is a medication used for hemorrhoids. Yes. The reason why people suddenly think that they can be effective for puffy eyes is because they can lessen inflammation due to its hydrocortisone content. More than that, they also have the ability to constrict blood vessels.

Thus, people include Preparation H as a part of home remedies for puffy eyes.

The question is does it work? For some (again) yes—especially if the cause of swelling is really an inflammation. Most of the time? NO. Why? It’s because the typical cause of puffy eyes isn’t inflammation. Most of the time, it’s because you’re tired (so you need rest), there’s fluid retention (so you need to lessen salt in the diet and/or sleep with your head higher), or it’s because you’re aging.

The thing is you’ve to know first what causes your eye puffiness. If you don’t, you won’t be getting rid of the problem no matter how much you follow instructions.

puffy eyesKnowing this, why don’t you try again with home remedies for puffy eyes? Maybe this time, you’ll get it right. But when it comes to aging, I’m afraid there’s nothing much you can do because it’ll really happen. Skin elasticity tends to lessen as we age, so the chance to sag is really high. The option is for you to resort to egg whites!

If the problem is fluid retention, you can use potatoes and salt because they absorb water. Both of them should be applied over closed eyes, not eaten, especially salt because the problem will worsen.

Using potatoes as home remedy for puffy eyes is simple. Just finely grate them and prepare a poultice. Apply over eyes for a few minutes. As for salt, mix it with water and apply using a cloth or a cotton ball.

None of these remedies are harmful because they are all natural — so very different if you try various medications that pose danger if you accidentally get them inside your eyes.

If you’re still not convinced and you at least want to try Preparation H, you’ve to be extremely cautious. If you get some in your eyes, puffiness will be the least of your problems.

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