Quick Solutions for your Shaving Bumps

Quick Solutions for your Shaving Bumps
Razor bumps are the unsightly and embarrassing product of shaving.  This usually happens on the sensitive area of your skin, and when it does, it gives you that irritated patch. Razor or shaving bumps don’t necessarily require medical attention unless you are feeling more than just a burning sensation on your skin, so you can definitely do some quick solutions to get your smooth skin back.  So how exactly do you get rid of these bumps?  Here are some quick fixes that are sure to get rid of them.

  1. shaving bumpsGot some corn starch in your kitchen? Well, corn starch will definitely help get rid of shaving bumps.  It has a soothing property that works well in cooling down your razor burn and relieving you of any irritation brought about by shaving incorrectly.  You can work your magic by simply sprinkling a fair amount of corn starch over the area that is affected.  Leave it on for about 25 minutes and finally rinse off with water.  By the time you have rinsed it off with water, the corn starch will have already alleviated the condition of your skin. 
  2. Done with your daily dose of black tea? Don’t dispose of the tea bag as that can be a great help in getting rid of razor bumps.  You might be wondering what’s in the tea bag that will help soothe your skin.  They call it tannic acid, and what it does is that it reduces the swelling of the skin and any kind of inflammation brought about by shaving.  So since your tea bag is still moist, simply apply or dab the moist tea bag onto the affected area and leave it to dry for five minutes.  You will certainly feel better, just like after you have had your daily tea.
  3. When you have a shaving bump, that means your skin needs to heal. With that said, you can take advantage of one plant that may be available around your house – aloe vera.  The healing agents found in aloe vera will work its magic by healing the affected skin while the gel dries up on the affected area of the skin.  You only need to get the gel from the aloe vera leaf and apply it directly to the razor bump.  Rinse with warm water and cure your razor bump quickly!
  4. Your aspirin isn’t just for your headaches. Aspirin can also be useful in getting rid of razor bumps.  Although the use of aspirinrequires a few simple procedures, this will definitely be of great help, especially if your skin becomes irritating.  Pound five pieces of aspirin and add a few drops of water to make a paste.  Apply the paste onto the affected part and massage it.  When it dries, rinse it with warm water.  This will definitely cure your shaving bumps.

These quick fixes will help soothe your irritated skin and treat shaving bumps that can ruin your day.  Try any of this and find out why a lot of people love these solutions.

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