Same Juicy Goodness as Blueprint Cleanse, Different Names

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Today, a lot of people are becoming more interested in juice fasting diets like Blueprint Cleanse. Now, more than ever, detoxing has become a common method for people to not just lose weight but also to remain healthy. More people have switched to raw juice fasting instead of relying on unnatural ways to lose weight, and many have also basked and enjoyed its different health benefits.

One of the detox juice cleanses that has been making a lot of loud noise in the market is Blueprint Cleanse.
Many women, including Hollywood stars, have become faithful consumers and recipients of its well-proven benefits. Many reviews on the internet have also vouched for its effectiveness.

However, not everything about Blueprint Cleanse is picture perfect. Aside from having a limited availability (Blueprint Cleanse is only available in selected areas, which are mostly in the United States), it is also one of the most expensive juice fasting diets in the market.

But don’t be depressed, because there are still a lot of other detox juice cleanses available on the market, which have the same, if not more, juicy goodness as Blueprint Cleanse. And what’s more wonderful is that they come with a much cheaper price and are far less expensive than Blueprint Cleanse. blueprint cleanse

1. Total Wellness Cleanse

Total Wellness Cleanse is probably one of my most favorite detox diets. This is because its brand name captures the whole essence of the detox cleanse, which is to provide total wellness to our bodies and to our overall health. Another aspect that needs rejoicing is that Total Wellness Cleanse is the only food-based cleanse on the market. This means no dangerous fasting protocols and colonic irrigation, which makes it the safest and simplest detox cleanse.

Total Wellness Cleanse provides a combination of whole-food nutrition (with over 100 recipes) that does not only help provide nourishment to the body, but it also helps eliminate toxic and poisonous substances in it. What’s more, it also helps you lose all that stubborn fat in your body, discover which foods would best work with your body, overcome uncontrolled cravings, and even helps you boost your immune system. Its benefits can best be summed up into three words: Clean, Restore, and Maintain.

2. Eat, Drink, and Shrink

If you want to go on a juice diet like Blueprint Cleanse, but you feel like you won’t be able to survive on juice alone, then Eat, Drink, and Shrink is the program for you.

Eat, Drink, and Shrink is mainly focused on fat burning. The program involves over 120 delicious recipes with only five ingredients or less! These ingredients are nutrient-dense foods that have low calories but would still make you feel full, and they also are not expensive.

This is not a regular diet or a recipe book in the ordinary sense of the word. Here, you don’t need to starve yourself in order to stay healthy and, more importantly, in order to lose weight. The program is also designed for busy people; therefore, it will really suit well with the lifestyle of independent women on the go.

3. Get Juicy Cleanse 10 Day Program

Get Juicy Cleanse 10 Day Program is definitely one of the most challenging and absolutely effective raw juice fasting programs on the market today. Blueprint Cleanse’s Excavation level is not even close to it.

For women who love challenges and who have been used to detoxing, this program will best fit you. However, those inexperienced in detoxing can still undergo this cleanse, provided that you prepare well for it.

Through Get Juicy Cleanse 10 Day Program’s tasty juices, you can just drink your way to your weight loss goal, to a more radiant and glowing skin, and to a renewed energy and a healthy body. Its benefits include helping you achieve your weight loss goals, flushing out harmful toxins in the body, overcoming eating urges, and having a healthy and beautiful body. Aside from that, upon enrolling in their program, you’ll also get a lot of freebies, like training videos, powerful coaching audios, and a comprehensive guidebook with menu plans and much more.

Though Blueprint Cleanse is an effective program for detoxing, it is not the only one that is available on the market. A lot of detox diets with the same juicy goodness, minus the expense, abound in the market. Before committing your heart and money to a particular detox diet, it is best if you first take time to try the other alternatives for you to find out which among the top detox cleanses will best suit your goals and your lifestyle.

Grabbing and gulping down a single bottle of juice may seem like a very simple and ordinary act, but remember, it is already a big step towards changing your lifestyle and getting rid of your other unhealthy habits.

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