Show Your Feminine Wiles While He’s At It!

Show Your Feminine Wiles While He’s At It!
Okay, you think that feminine wiles are evil because you’re very tempted to talk to his friends and ask them what he likes in a girl. Relax. There are other ways by which you can seduce your man without turning into a manipulative vixen.


It’s simple; when he initiates something, take that as an opportunity to show your feminine side.

That instruction is kind of vague; it seems sound, but there’s something wrong. I cannot put my finger on it.

That’s all right; let’s discuss it using some of the most relevant examples.

Scenario No. 1 – The gentleman compliments you; he said you’re pretty or maybe he said that your dress really suits you. Most girls will “deny” the compliment. “I don’t think so, I think I’m too big for my dress,” or “My sister is still prettier than me…” Come on, girls! He just gave you a compliment; the best you can do is be thankful. So, smile, and say thank you.

Scenario No. 2 – The man is always paying for dinner, or lunch, or just about anything. And what’s wrong with that? Nothing. Just accept it, but from time to time, tell him it’s going to be your treat. You must actually feel good because the act of chivalry is not lost in your man. Keep this in mind, though; don’t expect him to pay for everything. Get your purse to pay, but if he insists on saying it is on him, give in. Submissiveness is sometimes a huge part of feminine wiles.

Scenario No. 3 – He’s opening up. Another heavy artillery in the feminine wiles department is being absorbent when the time comes that he is ready to talk. If he tells you about something that he is really interested in (you’ll feel it, promise), listen with interest, even if you have zero interest in the topic. Men adore women who make the effort to “like” what they like.

feminine wilesScenario No. 4 – Being a girl. So, this is it. One of the most ignored feminine wiles. If he invites you to dinner, or even a casual date, dress up like a girl. Apply light makeup, wear doll shoes, and wear a dress (still use your judgment, depending on where you are going); the point is to let him know that you are a pretty girl and he is the lucky one to have you on a date. Not the other way around.

Scenario No. 5 – When he’s attractive. Some girls are just too shy. When you see your man do something really good, tell him so. There’s nothing wrong in saying, “What you said was really sweet.” It will actually inform him that you appreciate his actions.

Those are some pretty useful feminine wiles, but what if they do not work? Shouldn’t I take things to a higher level?

You can also do that, provided that you stay away from trickery and manipulation, like when you were tempted to corner his friends and demand they tell you about the things he likes most in a girl. You can use the information as a preference, or a checklist (he likes action movies, okay then, I can do action movies). But never use it to trick him (he likes girls who can cook, I’m far from a cook and I can burn water, but I can ask my mom to cook and tell him I did it).

So, yes, you can use the friend interview to level up your feminine wiles, as long as you just need a little of it and your personality will remain.

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