Simple Tricks to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Simple Tricks to Live a Healthy Lifestyle
Just because you’re a single woman doesn’t mean you can set aside your health.  In fact, this is the best time for you to begin to live a healthy lifestyle.  There are very simple tricks that could add good years to your life.


Laughter is the best medicine.  One of the tricks to living a good life is to have fun.  Sometimes it’s hard to smile, let alone laugh, when you’re inundated by problems.  But that’s what comedy shows and movies are for.  You need to laugh every once in a while.  We all do.  That’s one great secret to live a healthy lifestyle.  Laughing lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety, and relieves stress.  Laughing also bolsters your immunity. 

Eat Breakfast

If there’s one meal you shouldn’t miss, it’s breakfast.  How many times have you skipped breakfast because you had to hurry to work?  Skipping meals in the morning starves the body.  When you starve your body, your brain tends to overcompensate by making you overeat.  You skip breakfast, but you overeat at lunch and dinner.  You don’t live a healthy life by missing out on brekkies.

However, don’t just eat anything in the morning.  Trade bacon and hotdogs for oatmeal or cereal.  Don’t start your morning with foods high in fat or simple sugars.  Instead, have complex carbs and fiber.

Turn in Before 11

What time do you usually sleep?  Research shows that your body begins its cellular rejuvenation before 11 o’clock in the evening, but it’s easy to disrupt this process by staying up until 2 in the morning.  To live a healthy lifestyle, close your laptop and turn off your smartphone at 10 in the evening.  Start a habit of sleeping early, so you won’t have to rush to work feeling groggy in the morning. 

If you’re getting 8 hours of sleep but still feel sleepy all day long, you should visit your doctor.  It could be a sign of a number of conditions like sleep apnea, hypothyroidism, or anemia. 

If you can’t sleep, try reading a book or have a warm bath before getting to bed.

Watch Your Bowel Movement

Ideally, you should have a bowel movement every day—in the morning.  Not being able to poo for 3 days or more is a sign of constipation, and constipation is due to a lack of water, lack of fiber, or lack of exercise.  Also, watch your poop.  It should be long and s-shaped.  If it comes as lumps, then you’re probably constipated.  Constipation is a sign that you don’t live a healthy lifestyle. live a healthy lifestyle

Keep a Good Posture

You’re probably slouching on your chair now while reading this.  Slouching doesn’t only make you look inelegant (even if you’re wearing signature clothes).  It also strains your back muscles and gives you that infamous back pain.  Also, bad posture makes your stomach protrude.  To live a healthy lifestyle, maintain good posture, especially when sitting down.

Nix Sugar

Men and women who live a healthy lifestyle don’t indulge in too much sugar.  They skip soda.  They don’t help themselves to ice cream, cakes, and anything that has a lot of simple sugars.  These foods have a high glycemic index.  When you eat them, they are quickly broken down into glucose, thus rapidly increasing your blood glucose levels.  After several years of eating sweets, your body suffers.  You develop insulin resistance.  The next thing you know, you’re seeing early signs of type 2 diabetes.

It’s easy to neglect your health while you’re still young and single, when you’re free, and when you don’t have kids.  But you can make a few changes now.  Turn your back from bad habits and live a healthy lifestyle.  It’s for your future.

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