Simple Ways To Stop Binge Eating Urges From Ruining Your Life

Simple Ways To Stop Binge Eating Urgesfrom Ruining Your Life
There are times in our lives when we can’t seem to control the urge to overeat. We feel powerless to stop our craving for delicious but high-calorie, fatty foods.Even if our stomachs are already full, we can’t seem to resist that extra helping of pasta, another slice of chocolate cake, or a handful of cookies. This is especially true when you want to feel better because you are under too much pressure from work, or you are having some personal problems, or you are just plain bored.  You eat to feel better, then you feel worse and miserable, and then you eat again to comfort yourself. This may be considered a vicious cycle of emotional eating. Binge eating may leave you feeling guilty and ashamed of what you have done. You may also blame yourself for being so weak and lacking the willpower to restrain your food cravings.  If you want to stop binge eating urges that you may have, don’t feel so hopeless. You will be able to control them by following these tips:

How to stop your binge eating urges

Get a good night’s sleep

Having enough sleep will make you feel energized and ready to face a challenging ahead. If you wake up grumpy and lacking in rest, you tend to compensate by eating a lot or bingeing to give you an energy boost. As much as possible, have a regular sleeping schedule so your body will be able to properly heal and repair itself, and you will have a general sense of well-being (which also prevents you from bingeing).

Know your body

You should learn to recognize what your body is telling you. If you want to eat something, ask yourself if you are really, truly hungry or if it’s just a strong craving. If you feel the physical signs of hunger, such as a rumbling stomach, then you are hungry, so you must satisfy your hunger pangs. But if your stomach feels full but you still want to eat your comfort food, then you may be having emotional hunger. You need to satisfy something deep within yourself. In cases like these, you must learn some coping mechanisms so you will be able to control your urges.Examples are walking in the park, reading a book, gardening, or pampering yourself at the spa. These pleasurable activities help you stop binge eating urges that you may have.

Eat regular meals

Having regular meals preferably three times per day plus light and healthy snacks in between will help you prevent binge eating. Skipping meals, especially breakfast, often makes you very hungry that you tend to eat everything in sight. Ideally, you should also create a weekly meal plan so you can prepare your healthy meals accordingly. This way, you will not call for pizza delivery or go to the nearest fast food joint when you don’t have any idea what to have for lunch or dinner.

binge eatingStart a journal

If you don’t have one yet, you should start keeping a journal so you can express your thoughts and feelings. Also include in your daily journal the foods that you ate, much like a food diary. This way, you can see the connection between what you are feeling and what you are eating. You can find out what triggers your craving and eating binges. Thus, you will be able to stop binge eating urgesin the future.

Get some help

If you think that you can’t handle your eating disorder by yourself, that no matter what you do you still cannot stop binge eating urges, then it’s time to seek help from your family or professional therapist. Their support and encouragement goes a long way in helping you overcome your eating disorder. Remember, you don’t have to go through this alone.There are people who care for you and are willing to be by your side no matter what.

Binge eating doesn’t have to ruin your life. There are steps that you can take to stop binge eating urges that you may have. With some effort and patience, you can turn your life around and live your life to the fullest.

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