Simple Ways to Take a Relaxing Break

A lot of people usually associate taking a break with out-of-town trips and other expensive activities. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you are stressed out and are wondering how you can take a relaxing break from your day-to-day routine of work – home – work, then here are some things you can do that don’t require a lot of planning, a lot of money, or a lot of time.  

Simple Ways to Take a Relaxing Break

Take a long, relaxing, warm bath 

I get it.  You’re a busy woman who gets up early in the morning, takes a quick shower, and then heads out to work.  Try this once in a while. Take some time to enjoy a relaxing break with a bath that’ll sooth your nerves and make you more prepared for a long day of work.

Turn off all of your electronics 

Sometimes you have to make time for other things such as nature, the sun, your neighbors, the grass, and anything else you don’t really pay attention to just because you are too busy working on your gadgets. 


When was the last time you danced to the tune of your favorite song?  I know this sounds silly, especially if you don’t have anyone to dance with, but just try it.  It’ll be fun!

Write something in your journal 

Anything.  Any random thing you can think of.  A lot of people resort to writing when they don’t have the guts to tell anyone what they think. Write until you have said everything you have always wanted to say.  You have no idea how awesome it feels to be relieved of those thoughts. 

Brew your own coffee 

While it is so much easier to just run to your nearest coffee shop and grab your favorite coffee, it is actually a lot better if you brew your own coffee.  You can be your own barista and you can find out how creative you can be.

Take a walk with your dogrelaxing break

Jog if you must.  And it doesn’t have to be your dog.  You can take your friend or boyfriend along with you.  It’s so much fun to be fit and healthy when you’re doing it with your favorite person or pet.   

Read a book (or watch a feel-good movie) 

It can be a love story or a funny story.  Whatever makes you feel good.  Not only will you have fun and feel relaxed, but you will also enhance your vocabulary. 

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Buy yourself some flowers and chocolates 

Who cares if you don’t have a boyfriend?  If you love flowers, and you know you totally deserve it, then go get yourself some flowers.  There is no rule that says you can’t anyway. 

Go out with a friend

Despite your busy schedule, take some time to go out with friends.  You don’t have to go to a party.  Just meet with friends over coffee or dinner.  Nothing fancy. 

Forgive your enemies

How is this relaxing?  Oh, this can be relaxing in so many ways.  When you forgive those who did you wrong, you do not feed the negativity inside you.  Just let it all go and know that everyone reaps what they sow.

These are just a few things that you can do.  Are you ready to start with any of these?  Hope you have a relaxing break!


About the author

Mae Davies

BA, MA Psychology (and Conflict Resolution), University of Cambridge (2007). With a decade of trial and error in psychology and 33 years of navigating my own complex (that's one word for it!) relationships with family, friends, co-workers and men, I hope I have some useful knowledge and skills to share with my readers about making sense of relationships and trying to become a better person every day.