Stop Binge Eating Urges: Feeling Good Without the Comfort of Food

Stop Binge Eating Urges Feeling Good Without the Comfort of Food
Are you burdened in life and you feel the only thing that can give you comfort and the emotional support you need is food?  If you just nodded, stop right there.  You might just be one of the many women who are suffering from eating disorders.  It’s true that life can give you such a hard time, but that does not mean you resort to overeating to make yourself feel better.  So if you’re wondering if you can still feel good without binging on food, the good news is you can.  And if you are willing to take a step back and really make an effort to work it out, here are some proven ways to stop binge eating urges that could eventually save your life.

If hungry, eat

As simple as that.  Do not starve or deprive yourself of the nutrients it needs to survive.  Most women go on fad diets and other forms of starvation to lose weight only to find out that they almost always go back to binge eating.  To stop binge eating urges, eat if you are hungry.  Satiate your tummy, making sure to also be mindful of the choices you make with your food.

Go out and have fun

One of the reasons for binge eating is you are hiding under the covers of your comfort food, especially when you feel bad or sad.  Get your behind off that couch and call some friends so you can go out and do some stuff you have never tried.  Just do something else other than munch on anything you can devour.  You can even start looking into your bucket list to stop binge eating urges.

stop binge eating urgesTalk it out with a friend or family member

Friends and family are there for a reason.  Before you reach out for your favorite food and start binging, call a friend instead.  Sometimes all you need is someone to talk to.  Sure there’s this comforting feeling when binging, but you really can’t replace the kind of comfort that a true friend can give.  So stop binge eating urges due to emotional distress and just talk to a friend or a loved one.  That’s a guaranteed relief you will surely appreciate.

Get some workouts done

If you have not thought about exercising and doing some workouts to stop binge eating urges, then you should start considering it now.  There are plenty of benefits you can get from working out, and stopping binge eating urges is just one of them.  It takes your mind off your worries and definitely your craving for food.  It gets your body the sweating it needs and rejuvenates every cell to give you a better-looking and healthier version of you.  If that does not get your attention, I don’t know what will.

Pamper yourself

There is a huge difference between choosing to just eat your troubles away and running to the salon to get the best revenge by making yourself look amazingly beautiful.  Would you rather binge and end up looking ginormous or be gorgeous despite what you have been going through?

A binge eating disorder is something that needs full attention.  If you suffer from this, you just can’t shrug off your shoulders and pretend it’s going away just like that.  It won’t.  And until you stand up for yourself and actually do something about it, it will always be an issue that will eat a good portion of your future.  That is a choice that I leave to you.

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