5 Advantages of Using your Feminine Wiles

advantages of Using Your Feminine Wiles

Josh Billings couldn’t have said it any better.  Indeed, women, for many years, have been influencing men.  From the ancient world to the modern times, women are known for having this mysterious power over men. 

Whether men like it or not, the truth is that women do influence men and women do have an explainable and somewhat mystical power over men. 

It’s all thanks to the feminine wiles that women have. 

We may call it charms, allure, or sex appeal, but one thing is for certain: it’s the oldest trick in every woman’s book in order for her to get what she wants. 

Especially today, the use of a woman’s charms is common knowledge, and we can see many instances where women use them to gain or achieve something to her advantage.

5 Advantages of Using Feminine Wiles

Do You Have to Be Attractive To Use Feminine Wiles?

1. It’s All Natural 

Using our womanly wiles is natural for us women.  The only thing that you need to have is yourself, and the only thing that you have to do is improve and work on yourself. 

Every woman is well equipped with it; there’s no need to spend money on training and lessons because it just comes naturally. 

Face it; it’s one hell of a natural and biological advantage that women have, and the best part is that it comes for free.

2. Using Your Feminine Wiles Is Good In Negotiations 

When and How to use your Feminine Wiles

Ever tried arguing with a man and fighting his arguments but to no avail?  Sometimes, even if we have logical arguments to bolster our claim and even if we have very nice proposals, men still don’t get it. 

I don’t know if men are just stubborn or they just don’t want to be outsmarted by a woman in their own game, but the tendency is that when it comes to arguments that really matter (such as in business negotiations), they’re not so keen on letting a woman speak her mind. 

This may be exasperating on the part of the woman, but this can also present a good opportunity.  The use of charm and subtle tactics can prove as a better method to negotiate with men.

3. Life Becomes Much Easier

From a guy buying drinks for you because of your little and harmless flirting in the bar, to getting a lift from a guy because you’re stuck somewhere down the road, to using your beautiful smile and doe-eyes to ask for help from some random guy because your car broke down, or because you are carrying so much stuff, or even using your charms so that you can get away from a traffic enforcer –

Using your feminine wiles can surely help you overcome difficult situations and can even make your life much easier.

4. There’s Power in Your Persuasion

Using your feminine wiles can also help you develop and improve your power of persuasion.  It can help you convey your message and persuade people, especially men, to listen, look, and even believe in it. 

For example, just look at the advertisements and commercials that we have today.  Have you noticed that most of them portray women who are oozing with charm and appeal? 

Have you noticed that most commercials also make use of a woman’s characteristics just to persuade people to buy something?  Call it good advertising, but it’s just actually a good use of women’s assets.

4. It Can Help You Get the Man of Your Dreams

You really like this man, but either he doesn’t know you exist or he just looks at you the same way that he looks at everybody else (just in a very ordinary way). 

Using your feminine wiles in this case can help you let the man know of your existence.

Combining it with the right amount of flirtation, warmth, and friendliness can help you attract the man that you like and even help you eventually get the man of your dreams.

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