The Art of Flirting: 5 Tips to Get What You Want

The Art of Flirting: 5 Tips to Get What You Want
Now ladies, I know you’ve done it before.  You can admit it.  There’s no shame in flirting a little just to get what you want. I must say, most women really do have a natural talent for being playful just to lure their target into giving in, but for the other majority of women who have no clue on the art of flirting, there is still hope to master the art of flirting.

Here are 5 tips to get what you want:


A simple smile can make a person look a whole lot more attractive than they really are, so why not smile more often?  When you want to get on a man’s good side, you have to smile; smile when you see them, smile while they’re talking to you, and keep that smile while you are speaking to them.  Your face will probably start to hurt, but come on! You’re doing this to get what you want, so just suck it up and keep smiling!

Eye Contact

They say the eyes are the windows to one’s soul; well, when it comes to the art of flirting the eyes are a silent way to communicate with the opposite sex.  Frequent eye contact can make your target feel wanted and important, which will make them feel drawn to you.  The more you communicate with them through frequent eye contact, the better chance they will gladly hand to you whatever favor you ask from them.

Physical Contact

A little physical contact won’t hurt, only if you don’t cross the line.  The art of flirting using physical contact includes slightly touching their shoulder when they say something funny, pretending like you’re shrugging something dirty off from his shirt, or trying to fix his tie or collar for the sake of incorporating a little physical contact in order to bring the flirting up to another level. the art of flirting

Sense of Humor

In order to really become successful in flirting, one must know how to make the male species laugh by telling simple jokes or knowing how to execute something humorous – believe me, laughter when flirting is a big sign that you are doing a good job.  Humor brings people together and when you make people laugh, they will feel like they are making a connection with you, which will result in getting what you want.

Compliments Are Accepted

Who doesn’t like receiving compliments? I mean that’s what keeps some women on their toes every day at work, right?  Compliments make a person feel special and feel out of the ordinary; that is why a simple compliment will automatically melt the heart of your target.  Complimenting about their new haircut, new tie, new suit, or just how you enjoy their company or their humor will mean the world to them – this gesture will greatly make your target feel like they owe you something just because you acknowledge something about them.

Whether you’re flirting to get a good deal on something that you want to purchase, getting that last ticket to the baseball game, or to get good seats at the concert, whatever you do, please practice the art of flirting so that you can learn the playful way to get what you want without exerting too much effort; just you, some self-confidence, and a whole lot of attitude.

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