The Beauty of Being Smart: 5 Ways to Increase your Intelligence

By Mae Davies / February 11, 2015
The Beauty of Being Smart: 5 Ways to Increase your Intelligence
Being beautiful is not enough.  To be the “total package,” a woman must not only possess beauty; she must also have intelligence.

A new study reveals that modern men find intelligence in women sexy.  According to the research made by Dr. Marcel Zentner of York University, men, in looking for a partner, are now more attracted to the intellectual and personality traits of women.  This new study shows that now, looks aren’t everything; intelligence is also important.

In our world today, where information is regarded as one of the keys to power and success, a well-informed woman is considered a woman of influence.  Gone are the days where success and power depends on gender and status alone.  A woman can ease her way more simply to the top if she has both beauty and brains.

With the abundance of beauty treatments and regimens in our market, there’s not much problem in the beauty department; we can relax over how we look, but how about in our intelligence department?

1. Take time to read

It is true that the best way to widen your knowledge is through attending classes, but for women on the go, who are always busy juggling their work, career, and love life, simply reading would do.  Whether what you are reading is a book, a newspaper, an article in a magazine or on the web, reading is the best way for you to acquire new and different kinds of information.

For example, reading a self-help book or an article would give you the assistance that you need in performing a certain task.  Reading news will keep you well-informed about what’s happening around you (plus you’ll have something to converse about with your fellow employees, colleagues, and even your boss!).  Reading different kinds of books will also improve your vocabulary and grammar; it would also give you a lot of different ideas about the history, culture, and background of different people around the globe.  You just have to find the topic that interests you so that you’ll stay entertained while you also learn something new. intelligence

2. Put your mind to work

The problem with having a very modern world is that people have become too dependent on technology in solving problems.  You just sit, type, and wait for Google to give you the answers.  There is really nothing wrong with this per se; however, when we have become too dependent on Google, or on technology for that matter, we no longer give ourselves a chance to reach our full intellectual potentials.  Our minds also need exercise just like our bodies.  So brainstorming and doing creative thinking every now and then will help speed up our mental processes and improve our learning abilities.

3. Play a game

Playing word games and mind games such as chess, Scrabble, and the all-time favorite Rubik’s cube also helps to increase your problem solving abilities. While having fun (you can make your own conditions and penalties for every game to make it more exciting), you also improve the speed of your mental processing.  The mental skills that you will develop while playing these mind games can be applied to your day-to-day problem solving (be it in your own personal life or in your work), because it will improve your ability for deductive and inductive reasoning.

4. Learn to be logical

It pays to be logical.   Learning the basic rules of Logic will help you make your arguments persuasive and reasonable, making you sound smarter and wittier in your conversations (and even while presenting your work to your boss).  You’ll also learn a lot of fallacies while learning Logic that will help you recognize the flaw in other people’s arguments, so you’re always sure that you won’t be tricked by their persuasive and flowery words.

5. Never be afraid to ask questions

The fastest way for us to learn something new is to ask a question.  It’s a plain equation: by asking questions, we get answers, and by having answers, we learn something new.  Yet most people are afraid of asking questions, or maybe they’re just being shy.  But don’t be.  There’s nothing wrong with asking questions. You may have not known this, but your boss would rather prefer you to ask questions rather than to pretend that you have understood your task and in the end not accomplishing anything at all. So if you have some doubts, or you want to be enlightened on some topics, just ask a question.

Beauty and brains – these are the traits that define the modern, independent woman.  Having both beauty and brains is not something that will always remain an ideal.  With the proper care toward your body and with the variety of beauty regimens as your aid, you will become Miss Beautiful in no time.  And with these simple ways to increase your intelligence, you’ll also be on your way to becoming Miss Smart.

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Mae Davies

BA, MA Psychology (and Conflict Resolution), University of Cambridge (2007). With a decade of trial and error in psychology and 33 years of navigating my own complex (that's one word for it!) relationships with family, friends, co-workers and men, I hope I have some useful knowledge and skills to share with my readers about making sense of relationships and trying to become a better person every day.