The Best Way To Explore Islands In Philippines

best islands in the philippines

Have you always wanted to explore the Philippines, but were unsure which destination to choose?

For simplicity’s sake, the best way to explore a few local islands, is with various Philippines all-inclusive packages that are on offer all year round.

There are three top all-inclusive packages: Ultimate Luxury, Family and Classic. These packages allow for up to three destinations each, and offer additional perks, such airfare and transfers.

The tour operator will help you find the best resorts, beaches and hotels. Do you want some privacy with your significant other? Or maybe you have kids and need a family-friendly hotel?

Look at what these top 3 all-inclusive packages to see which one would best answer your needs.

The ultimate luxury for honeymoons and holidays out of this world

This Luxury Package will take you to El Nido, Coron and Amanpulo, where you will experience a true paradise on Earth.
El Nido in Palawan offers the most romantic and secluded vacation spots in the Philippines. You will be taken to secluded islands and lagoons, where you can enjoy your honeymoon without the tourist rush.

In Coron, you will find a perfect combination of stunning scenery and adventure. Love the water? You’re in luck! Some of the world’s best diving sites can be found in Coron. Like El Nido, Coron offers an escape from both the modern world and the tourist crowds.

This all-inclusive package includes airfare and transfers, private island resorts and private tours. The ultimate luxury package requires you to stay for a minimum of 10 nights, and your daily costs are estimated at $280.

Take the kids around the islands with no fuss

With a family package, you will visit Palawan, Bohol and Cebu. The package includes airfare and transfers, child-friendly resorts and group tours.

In Palawan, you will find exquisite beaches, private island resorts and numerous activities and attractions that are suitable for couples and families alike.

Bohol, with its exotic animals, fun-filled adventures and pristine beaches, is an incredibly popular family destination in the Philippines.

And Cebu, as the oldest city in the country, has a large array of historical sites and museums that are great for entertaining the kids.
The family tour requires a minimum 7-night stay and the daily expenses are estimated at $100.

Enjoy a classic beach holiday with your feet up

This is by far the best package, as you get to pick which three destinations you would like to visit.

Whether you want a secluded romantic honeymoon, an action-filled adventure, or family-friendly activities, you can tailor your package to suit your needs.

Before making your choice, ensure that you research each destination carefully. If you’re having trouble deciding, tell your tour operator what you want and expect out of your visit to the Philippines, and they will give some suggestions to choose from.

The budget classic package requires a minimum stay of 8 nights, and your estimated daily cost is $150. Remember, the package includes airfare and transfers, luxury beach resorts and private tours – not bad for $150 a day, right?

Why the Philippines?

Why not? Stunning beaches, paradise-like islands, secluded lagoons, romantic resorts, adventure and family-filled activities.
So, why not?

Philippines offers an incredible amount of gorgeous sights and scenery. There are historical sights, museums, diving, exotic animals, hidden coves and ship wrecks.

Palawan is probably the most popular destination as it is great for couples and families with small children.

Final thoughts

Remember, these packages can be tailored to your expectations and desires. Your tour operator will ask you a ton of questions to ensure that they know what you want, and they will find the perfect resorts, hotels and activities to suit your needs and your budget.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about exceeding your budget. They will find the best accommodation for your money, without compromising on quality.

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