Three Amazing Healthy Asian Desserts

Three Amazing Healthy Asian Desserts

Asia is known as a treasure trove of healthy food. Be it street food, gourmet food, or anything in between, healthy food abounds everywhere in Asia—and only in Asia will you find the healthy desserts that will complement a savory or spicy meal. Did you ever wonder how Asian desserts became so healthy? Asian desserts are a great choice – for various reasons. One being that many desserts in Asia use fruit as the base for their recipes. Another point that needs to be noted here is that desserts need not contain a ton of sugar.These healthy desserts do not contain any sugar,or just have a minimal sugar content of the natural sugar which is contained in the fruit.

In addition to that, healthy desserts made from fruit don’t contain fats; when preparing these healthy Asian desserts, you don’t have to add knobs of butter and the like just to increase the creaminess of the desserts.

Lassi Popsicles

Usually, when you think of lassi, you only think of a beverage. Lassi is a yoghurt-based drink common in India and Pakistan. One twist to the traditional lassi is the mango lassi, which uses mangoes to compensate for the lack of sugar. The best kind of yoghurt to use is Greek yoghurt.

When you want to make mango lassi, make sure that you start with a good brand of mango nectar, which is often made from concentrated mango juice. Also, if you are going to make mango lassi popsicles, you will want to have some mango chunk sin your popsicle; so cut up some mangoes as well. To take things a notch higher, add spices such as cardamom and candied ginger to give your popsicles a kick. A good idea is to add some chopped pistachios in the bottom of your popsicle mold for crunch and texture.Pour the mango concentrate, yogurt and spices into a blender, and blend until smooth. Add the chopped mango and mix well. Pour mixture into paper cups or popsicle molds and freeze until almost firm, then insert a popsicle stick into the center of each and put back into the freezer until they are solid.

Rose Ice Cream

You might think that this dessert is pure indulgence. It is indeed. This kind of ice cream is often served during hot summer days. This is also a dessert that goes well with aspicy curry. To add an Asian touch to your rose ice cream, add saffron and ground cardamom to the mix.

Rose ice cream is prepared by infusing already-prepared vanilla ice cream with rose syrup. Allow the ice cream to soften, then mix in the rose syrup and replace in the freezer. For added crunch, almonds, pistachios or cashews can be added to the ice cream before refreezing.

Green Tea Granita asian desserts

As you well know, green tea has many medicinal benefits. This dessert uses green tea as its base, and is a pretty simple dessert to make. You just steep a few bags of green tea in hot water until the tea is to your liking. Add a little bit of ginger and honey. The honey acts as asweetener, while the ginger will givethe granita some zing. Add a squirt oflemon juice tothe mix. Once you have mixed everything, strain the liquid to remove anysolids. Pour the mixinto a shallow baking pan and allow to freeze for a few hours. Once the granitais set, scrape it out of the panand transfer the contents to champagne glasses and serve immediately.

These three healthy Asian desserts are inspired by Asia. Why don’t you give thema try and taste for yourself how good theyare?

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