To Wait Or Not To Wait

By Erin Lane / June 15, 2014
to wait or not to wait

In the dating world, there is a question that’s often asked – to wait or not to wait? – and there are different answers, depending on the people involved. Seemingly within the reigns of human nature, the first mating experience seems to be the game changer, and determining when to have it often creates a big impact on the players and the relationship itself.

Men and women have different outlooks on this topic with different ways of reading each other, which makes things very complicated. There is also the power struggle issue that is inevitable in any relationship. Control is as important as love itself to some people, while others choose to give as their sign of total commitment to the person. In both cases, both people in the relationship should be aware of some issues that come with the relationship.

Possible Outcomes

Having considered all of the factors above, there are just three main possibilities where this would lead to. The first is for the female to have intercourse with the male, while the second and the third involve either of them quitting the game before sex. With the knowledge of the boundaries, here are some important points that both sexes should be aware of.

The Journey Defines the Relationship

to waitFlowers and chocolates are the nice trimmings that signal a man’s intention of being a long-term partner. Or are they? It would be so easy to generalize, but studies have proven that a man who asks for sex pretty early in the game is actually just after that. With the ratio of men to women favoring the men, it’s an open field out there or a field day for guys who prefer the carnal over the romantic. They will invest, that’s for sure. But they want their return of investment to be quick and fantastic.

On the other hand, not all men think alike. Fortunately for those who are looking for long-term commitments, such men exist, and these guys are willing to wait for the right time, which literally translates to when you are ready, before pushing the mating button. This is actually the best reason for the partner to hold on before giving in. It’s a chance for you to weed out the undesirable ones and to identify the prospects that would give a better chance for a long and lasting relationship to happen. In this case, to wait is the best thing to do.

It’s Up to the Woman

Men are actually easier to read because they think that by virtue of their masculinity, they are entitled to get what they want, when they need it. Some can be subtle and are willing to wait for a little but always seize the opportunity to plea for sex when the opportunity is dangled right in front of their faces. Some are more aggressive and can easily equate effort to reward, which is what the woman has to her advantage.

Such knowledge of the situation easily gives both sexes a good and real perspective of what literally goes on during the courtship stage. The sweetness shall last as long as it is real, so waiting can be the true test of long-term love.

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