Top 3 Women Who Exude Confidence

By Mae Davies / October 19, 2014
Top 3 Women Who Exude Confidence
The women below all share one thing in common: they exude confidence. Apart from being powerful and successful, they are also inspirational:

1. Hillary Clinton

With many years being in the public eye, Hillary has seen it all, and the public has been a witness to many of her ups and downs. She presided as first lady while her husband, then President Bill Clinton, took office for two terms. One of which he was almost impeached due to the Monica Lewinsky indiscretion and the ensuing scandal that broke out afterward. Hillary also became Senator of New York and in 2007 also ran for president and lost the Democratic nomination to Obama; she was later appointed Secretary of State in 2009, an extremely high position in the government. I remember watching an interview once where a former Clinton deputy was being asked how Hillary can manage to work alongside Obama after fighting head to head against him during the primaries, to which he simply said: “This is a person who is not a wimp. Where others would have given up by now, she will not be held back by whatever is in the past. She doesn’t get ruffled by any issue.”

Indeed Mrs. Clinton doesn’t seem to let criticism stop her, and I believe this is what adds to her charisma and popularity. Her resilience is something to be admired. Whether or not we believe or agree with her policies, she obviously displays strong leadership skills and is a picture of authority and success. exude confidence

2. Angela Merkel

German Chancellor and President of the European Council, Merkel has been in the public eye for many years and is considered one of the most powerful and influential women in the world. In the midst of the Edward Snowden and phone tapping scandal that the US government got into recently, she has been quoted as saying to Obama: “Spying amongst friends is never acceptable, regardless of the conditions surrounding it.” She was obviously not scared of the President of the United States.

Mrs. Merkel is not your typical all-work-and-no-play politician; she is routinely spotted during soccer games showing support for her country’s football team. It seems Mrs. Merkel knows how to balance work and life; no wonder she is so successful. She has led Germany into having a steady economic growth during the past decade, and it’s no wonder she was voted to lead EU and oversee its legislations.

3. Angelina Jolie

Angelina has had a colorful past. As the daughter of actor Jon Voight, she grew up in the limelight and has changed through years in the public eye. Her previous relationships and her choice to adopt children from different countries have all earned her a reputation of being daring and different. She is now an ambassador for the UN and has used her fame and celebrity status to bring attention to a lot of world issues. Many people won’t be able to forget that she was in the middle of a love triangle involving Jennifer Aniston, another famous actress, and her now partner of many years, actor Brad Pitt. She earned the public’s wrath and was called a ‘home wrecker,’ but despite this, Ms. Jolie went about her daily life and concentrated on her passion: her work and her children. Thankfully, people seemed to have moved on from the situation, but it was very admirable of Angie, as she is called by friends, to be able to come out of that experience and handle that very challenging moment graciously. She simply did not allow herself to get caught up with other people’s opinions and remained quiet the entire time. Her silence on the issue eventually made critics let go of the issue. We all can learn a thing or two from Angie as she obviously knows how to exude confidence and remain looking calm and in control despite all the controversies surrounding her and her family.

There are many more women out there who exude confidence, but we hope that the 3 we listed here have inspired you. These women, despite adversity and numerous challenges they faced, have been able to ‘stand their ground,’ deal with letdowns, recover, and move on. They are a picture of steadiness and success, remaining calm and composed regardless of what’s around them.

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