Top 5 Foods that Every Woman Should Avoid

Top 5 Foods that Every Woman Should Avoid

Food is the biggest concern when it comes to losing weight and achieving our weight loss goals. This is because our weight really depends largely on the food that we eat. Even if we exercise and engage in fat-burning activities, we still gain weight if we eat a lot because in the end, our calorie intake is still greater than the actual calories that we burn.In order to achieve our weight loss goals and still fit into those snuggly tight fitting jeans that we love, it would be better if we pay attention to the food (and also drinks) that we consume. Here are the top 5 foods that every woman should avoid (if not, at least eat less of):

1. White Rice

Rice is the most common food and is also the staple food for the majority of people in the world. Although rice in general contains more calories and more carbohydrates than other staple foods, like sweet potatoes, white rice in particular contains more calories than brown rice or wild rice. A cup of white rice contains 130 calories, as compared to 111 and 106 calories of brown and wild rice respectively. Also, it has been found that white rice does not contain fiber, which is why it takes more of it to make you feel full.

2. French Fries and Potato Chips

Eating French fries is just like gulping down cooking oil itself. According to a study that appeared in New England Journal in Medicine, French fries and potato chips are two of the top 5 foods that every woman should avoid because it can make you gain weight. Harvard studies also confirmed it by saying that the two make up the top two worst food offenders because they contain lots of fat. A serving of French fries per day can make you gain over three pounds, while you’ll gain 1.69 pounds from eating potato chips. Surely, both should be struck down in our diet.

3. Pastries

Women are known for some sweet spots, and also for a sweet tooth. Cakes, cute cupcakes, brownies, and doughnuts sure look good and taste good too, more so if they’re sprinkled with sugar or filled with different fillings and topped with colorful icing. But remember, the more that it looks good, the more it will make you fat. All the sugar, icing, and fillings in pastries will add up to your calorie intake and also to the risk of having diabetes. You might be shocked to know that a single slice of moist chocolate cake has about 160 calories and a chocolate cream filled doughnut has 221 calories! That’s way higher than your cup of white rice. foods that every woman should avoid

4. Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? I bet every woman has some weak spot for chocolates, especially if it is heartily given by a suitor or a special someone. The question is: does it make you fat? Unfortunately, yes. Chocolate has high levels of calories, sugar, and fat. It’s definitely one of the foods that every woman should avoid if she’s determined to lose weight. Need I say more?

5. Alcoholic Drinks

Drinking any alcoholic drinks is one of the most effective ways to make your belly bigger and definitely far from being flat. All the empty calories that beer, hard liquor, and even cocktails can give you will shoot straight into your tummy; plus, it will just make you more hungry. And being drunk or tipsy and being hungry is not a good combination. Drunk-eating is never a good idea since the alcohol will make you less inhibited and it’ll affect your self-control with the food that you eat.

If we remain complacent and unconcerned with the kind of food that we eat, then a time will come when we’ll just be surprised that we already have arm flab, belly flab, more pounds, and more excess fat in our bodies. By that time, it will be more difficult to reduce our weight and achieve our weight loss goals (especially if you’re not fond of doing exercises and weight lifting routines). In the end, prevention is still better than cure.

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