Unique Uses of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Colon Cleansing: Internal Cleaning Made EasyThe aloe vera plant is one of the most useful plants you can find in the world. Its spiky leaves and bitter taste might make you think otherwise, but this is where it stores its gem.

The plant has a variety of uses, including curing illnesses and enhancing beauty. It took the Egyptians long enough to discover Cleopatra’s secret to her smooth features. The good thing about this plant is you can grow it in your backyard. You can also grow it in flower pots and use it to decorate your front porch.

The aloe vera plant is said to contain various compounds that act as antiseptics. It can be taken orally or applied directly on the body. Be careful to avoid the spikes. The aloe gel has numerous beneficial qualities. Here’s how you can use aloe vera and maximize its natural healing capabilities.

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  • Treating cuts and bruises

Aloe vera has antiseptic components that help fight bacteria in wounds and cuts, hence enhancing fast healing. It coats the cut and prevents further bacterial invasion. If you have the natural aloe plant, you can apply the gel directly on the cut or wound.

  • Fighting sunburns and acne

Aloe vera is said to have a soothing effect on the human skin such that it clears and prevents acne raptures, which are normally caused by inflammation and bacteria. It also repairs the skin in cases of harsh sunburns. You can also use an aloe gel facial scrub to help fight sunburns and acne. From rashes to pimples to dark spots, aloe vera is the answer.

  • Enhances hair growth and smoothness

Aloe vera hair products are most popular in the market because it not only enhances hair growth, but also leaves your hair soft and sparkly.

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Whichever type of hair you may have, aloe vera works like magic in ensuring your hair grows to your liking. Aloe vera also reduces breakage and eliminates dandruff.

  • Fighting fungal infections

Aloe vera is highly recommended for fungal infections affecting the skin and nails. One of the common examples is the athlete’s foot and ringworm patches on the skin. Applying aloe gel thrice a day will help fight the dreadful spread of fungi.

  • Smoothens rough, dry feet

Having rough feet can be quite disturbing and embarrassing. This is because it may result in cracked heels or an irritable itch on your foot. Applying aloe vera on your feet before going to sleep can help reduce the roughness.

According to aloeveraguru.com, leaving the aloe gel overnight enables your skin to lock in moisture, hence reducing the roughness overnight.

  • Fighting bowel complications

Constipation and stomach irritations can easily be reduced by taking aloe vera.

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To enhance the healing properties, boil aloe vera leaves in water for a few minutes or until the water boils. Take a glass of the mixture to soothe your irritations.

  • Strengthening gums

Lastly, if you have bleeding gums, then consider replacing your toothpaste with another one that has aloe vera as part of the ingredients.

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