Welcome Thread Bear Fiber Arts

We are excited to announce the acquisition of the Thread Bear Fiber Arts website and community. As of February 25, 2019, threadbearfiberarts.com has been merged with this page.

What’s so special about this particular acquisition for the Independent Femme Women’s Magazine?

From a simple guide on how to upholster a chair to instructions on how to make fabric flowers to making rag rugs, knitting easy patterns, crochet for beginners, basic techniques for hand quilting and how to make a decorative pillow.

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thread bear fiber arts studioSpecializing in teaching “happy crafting”, owners Rob and Matt are based in Lansing, Michigan where their crafts store and studio can be visited.

Their personal blogs are called Black Dog and Crowing Ram and their Facebook page can be seen here.

Crocheting and embroidery are fantastic crafts hobbies for anyone to start and we hope this new partnership Thread Bear Fiber Arts will be a great thing for both communities!

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Lastly, I'm starting to tell other women about a health newsletter that I've benefited immensely from and that I highly recommend. I think you might like it, too. If you want, you can sign up here. It's completely free!

Before you go, we'd love to hear from you in the comments below. I'm working hard to build a community here and a big part of that are your contributions! If you have experiences to share, questions, comments, suggestions, or anything else, please leave us a quick comment. I promise to reply!
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