What Are The Benefits of Coffee Enemas That Make it the Newest Craze in Town?

What Are The Benefits of Coffee Enemas That Make it the Newest Craze in Town
You wake up each day and smell coffee brewing; your senses will fire up. You drink it and you become instantly ready to face the day. What makes it even more amazing is the fact that coffee is full of antioxidants. It protects you from diseases because it increases your resistance. It can even fight off the signs of aging! Now that coffee comes in different flavors and forms (brewed and instant, hot and iced), you’ll never run out of choices! But what is that intriguing gossip you keep hearing among your friends? They are asking each other to not drink coffee, but instead use it for an enema?! What are the benefits of coffee enemas that make it the newest craze in town?

Yes, it really sounds crazy! First, why would you subject yourself to an enema!? People only do that when they are highly constipated or when a person is only going to undergo a surgery.

And then, instead of using normal saline, you use coffee!?

To clear that issue up, let’s discuss the benefits of coffee enemas:

One of the benefits is its ability to protect you from illness

Yes, even if you don’t drink it, coffee’s ability to increase your immune system still works wonders for the body. Not to mention, it keeps the body clean (will be further discussed later), and you know the rule: a clean body equals a healthy body!

Are you an alcoholic?

Okay, you may be not an alcoholic, but maybe you enjoy drinking too much? Did you ever think about your liver? You can take better care of your liver by doing a coffee enema!

Why? It’s because coffee enemas can “reach” the liver and cure the damages. Not only that, but when the enema helps the body get rid of the toxins, it cuts down the liver’s work, so there’s less stress for your organ!

coffee enemaTalking more about the liver

Did you know that one of the benefits of a coffee enema is increasing the glutathione level? When a person has enough glutathione in the body, toxicity is lessened. So, yes, glutathione is not just great for skin whitening; it’s also great for detoxifying!

coffee enemaA little history

Another benefit is it can act the way morphine administration does. During World War II, the nurses in the hospitals were always running out of morphine, so they had to do something for the soldiers who were in extreme pain. What they found out was that administrating coffee enemas can sooth the pains.

So, if you are suffering from pain, for whatever reason, try doing coffee enemas at home.

For your digestion

Another benefit is its capacity to aid you in digesting food. The coffee used will “clear” the pathways of the food, making the travel of food down the stomach easier.

For people having indigestion, this is one of the answers!

On top of all these, benefits of coffee enemas also include the following: it can make you feel lighter because of the cleanliness and it can drive away some harmful bacteria lingering in the body.

So, as crazy as it sounds, the benefits of coffee enemas truly have the grounds to make it famous in healthcare!

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