What Every Woman Must Learn before reaching 30

By Mae Davies / February 13, 2015
What Every Woman Must Learn before reaching 30
Every woman must go through the advantages of being in their 30s.  Being in our 30s means a lot to every woman.  One reason being that this means embracing another decade added to your life, while another is that it indicates our formal entry into complete, absolute womanhood and adulthood. The most common conception when we talk about ourselves prior to reaching the age of 30 is that it’s a time for finding our greatest love, for excessive partying or for travelling around the globe.  But I feel that the time that we have before we reach our 30s is the time for us to learn some valuable lessons in life; to start carving out our future and to start reaching for our dreams.  Before reaching 30 we should have already accomplished something worthwhile, and we should have already learned valuable lessons that can help us greatly during the rest of our lives.

1. To Become Independent

Before reaching 30, a woman must already learn to become independent.  You are no longer a teenager, so still being dependent on your parents is a big no-no.  This is the time for you to forge your future on your own.  Learn how to live your own life without being dependent on your parents or on other people. Move to a city on your own, move to a new house or apartment and live on your own.  Whatever you do, just learn to become independent.

2. To be responsible

With maturity and adulthood comes greater responsibilities; so before you reach 30, you should have already learned how to become responsible for your own life.  You should have ditched your rebellious ways and happy-go-lucky attitude.  You must recognize that not caring about what you do can backfire on you in the end.  So learn to accomplish your duties and obligations, and be responsible with your actions, including knowing the consequences of your own actions. before reaching 30

3. To save money

Saving money should be included in your to-do list before reaching 30.  Having financial security will allow you to enjoy your 30s more, and will not keep you tied to a job or line of work which you hate.  It will also give your more freedom to pursue the things which you want in your life.  Learning how to save will also give you the habit of sensible budgeting and discipline when it comes to spending.  Once you make this a habit, your life will be more productive and you’ll never have to worry about debts and overdue accounts.  You’ll never have to keep up with the stress and “more expenses but less income” routine that goes with overspending and living a lavish lifestyle.

4. To be decisive

You have to learn to make your decisions for yourself before reaching 30.  The time that you have before you reach 30 is the time when you should be making important and life-changing decisions.  That’s why you need to ensure that by the time you reach your 30s, you, and only you,willhave the power to make your own decisions.  Let your own voice be heard so that you can make your own stand or your own mark in this world.

5. To dress to impress

A woman’s image is very important, and the way that you dress is important in projecting a certain image.  Before reaching 30, you should already know how to dress to impress, depending on the occasion.  This is important, since the way you dress and the way you look matters a lot; especially when you’re building a career or a name for yourself.  For example, if you want to be taken seriously as a mature and competent woman, you must also dress and look the part; otherwise, if you’re still fond of dressing in your teenage clothes, nobody will take you seriously as a mature and competent woman.

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