What to Eat During Your Post Cleanse

What to Eat During Your Post Cleanse

Congratulations! You survived the Blueprint Cleanse! How was your cleanse? What was the level that you chose? Was it smooth all the way, or did you also have some bumpy rides while you were on your detox journey? Did you have any difficulties and challenges that you thought you wouldn’t be able to surpass or was the Blueprint Cleanse a very easy one for you? Whether you’re answer is positive or negative, and whether or not you experienced the Blueprint Cleanse or any other cleanse, what is important is that you have survived it and it’s finally over (Yes!). No more green juices and no more pure liquids for you. Now you are ready to introduce your stomach to the world of solid food again and start your post cleanse.

However, you can’t just stuff three days’ worth of food into your mouth and surprise your digestive system. You have to take it slow, one day at a time. You have to really be gentle with your digestive system; don’t just surprise-eat by eating heavy and fatty foods. Remember when you were still Preparing yourself for a Blueprint Cleanse? The idea is just the same as that one but in reverse. If during your pre-cleanse you are preparing your digestive system to just have liquids, now in your post cleanse, you will be preparing it to reintroduce solid foods into your diet once again.

1. Day 1

According to Blueprint Cleanse, the idea is to start your post cleanse primarily with fruit. The first day after your cleanse should be loaded with fresh fruits and fresh juices to introduce you again to the world of digestion. You can also start your post cleanse by drinking an herbal tea or a green tea.

Another option for you is to make a fruit or a fresh green smoothie with celery and cucumber or with the same ingredients used in your Blueprint cleanse and drink this while you’re eating your raw fruits. Also, always remember to drink a lot of water to better aid your digestive system.

This may sound like a cleanse after your Blueprint Cleanse, but you will really have to do this to be able to reintroduce solid foods to your body without having problems and discomforts.

2. Day 2

By the second day following your Blueprint Cleanse, you can already add raw and steamed vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and celery to your fresh fruits. Most of the food that you will have to eat will basically include greens and nuts (raw nuts soaked in water for a few hours is actually easier to digest).

Aside from steamed veggies, you can also have a vegetable broth or a vegetable soup, but just don’t eat or use starchy vegetables like carrots, beets, and squash as ingredients. Rather, opt for those green leafy vegetables.

3. Day 3

You can still eat raw vegetables and green salad, but if you want to eat a heavier food, you can have your veggies with a small portion, maybe at most, half a cup of plain brown rice. Instead of having brown rice, you can also have a yam, a sweet potato, or mashed potatoes or other starchy vegetables.

4. Day 4

In addition to your salad and veggies, you can now have some fish (poached, steamed, or sautéed) by day 4. In addition to fish, you can also start integrating a small portion of your much awaited lean meat (if you eat meat) into your meals. post cleanse

5. Day 5

Say hello to your regular meals. By day 5, you can say, “I’m back to business.” You can start to eat your regular meals once again.

But since through the Blueprint Cleanse, you’ve already taken the initial step towards living a more health-conscious lifestyle, I just hope that by “regular meals,” you don’t mean your bad eating habits. Otherwise, your raw juice fasting won’t have a long-term effect. It still pays to watch your calorie intake and the food that you eat even after your Blueprint Cleanse.

Again, congratulations for this big achievement of surviving a Blueprint Cleanse!

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