What Valentine’s Day Should Mean to Single Women


Ok.  I get it. You’re single and you have no date for Valentine’s Day.  You already prepared 20 DVDs for your movie marathon and you’re ready for your yearly “watching-while-sulking-on-the-couch” routine.  You’re lonely and you feel like you are the saddest human being on the entire planet.  Ever.

Oh, come on! Get your feet on the ground and make something out of this holiday that all couples love and enjoy.  This month isn’t just for couples.  Just like any other holiday, there will always be one common factor that makes it all extraordinary – YOU.

Valentine’s Day should be a celebration of love – not just the glorified romance that it was once associated with but love in general.  It is about you and how you love yourself and others, too.  So while everyone else is busy trying to buy gifts for their partners or setting up dates, let’s get to work on stuff that highlights you as a person and uphold the love you have for yourself.

“Do I love myself?”

If you say yes, but you have always relied on having a date or being in a relationship just to make you feel special or happy, especially when days such as Valentine’s day arrives, then you should start reassessing yourself.  Don’t spend so much time waiting for other people to love you because it will never happen until you fully understand that when you start by loving yourself, you will find it easier to share this kind of love with other people.  You can’t share what you don’t have.  When you love yourself and are able to share it with others, this will provide opportunities for others to love you back – genuinely. 

“Do I look good?”

Stand in front of the mirror and try asking this question.  If there isn’t a single strand of belief in you that you look good, then maybe you really don’t look good.  If you don’t look good, you undoubtedly don’t feel good, too.  These two go hand in hand.  This means you have to spend time making a better version of you, your hair, your nails, your clothes, etc.  Treat yourself – get a massage or buy yourself something nice.  Making yourself special actually confirms your self-worth.

“Do I need a date?”

No, you don’t.  The truth is that you aren’t the only person whose Facebook status shows “Single.” And no, you don’t have to buy yourself flowers just so people can say that someone likes or loves you enough to give you a bunch of petals. People who take the time to love themselves are usually surrounded by awesome people who love them to pieces.  Go out with family or friends – these are precious moments one can’t and shouldn’t live without.  Who knows? When you go out looking good and feeling good, you will eventually meet your date!

About the Author Erin Lane

I'm a Dating Senior Writer at Independent Femme. I'm famously indecisive and love to write about love, marriage, and making the world a better place for healthy and sparkling relationships!

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