When and How to use your Feminine Wiles

When and How to use your Feminine Wiles

Have you ever fancied that things would turn out much easier for you?  Have you ever wanted to have things your way without even using ultimatums and going through a fight with your man? 

Have you ever wished that the universe would be less unsympathetic and more favorable to you?  Do you want to put more spark and playfulness in your dates or in your relationship? 

If your answer to all these questions is Yes…

Then it’s time for you to embrace your femininity and put your feminine wiles to good use.

Using your feminine wiles to make things much easier for you is not wrong.  It’s just one of the advantages of being a woman

We might say that womanly charm is just the trick of being a woman in order for her to get what she wants, but it’s just really the same as when guys use their “testosterone” to baffle women and also, in a way, get what they want.

It may be inherent in every woman by virtue of our femininity, but it still takes a lot of work and practice to use it, most especially since there are certain male types who are more susceptible to our feminine wiles and also because a lot of women aren’t confident enough in their charms and assets. 

So in order to help you use your natural advantages, here are some things you have to do:

Embrace your femininity

The first thing that a woman must do is embrace her femininity.  You must rediscover your femininity and sexuality and love it – because you’ll never enjoy using your feminine wiles if you don’t love being a woman. 

You can read books about femininity and sexuality in order for you to inform yourself about it. 

You can dress in a more feminine way, speak in a lady-like manner, or do whatever it is that suits you as long as you act in a more feminine way; everything boils down to female body language.

Know your best assets

Another thing that a woman must know is her assets.  Using your natural advantages entails using your charms and your best attributes (since these are the things that make men fall for you). 

A woman, therefore, must have knowledge of her charms and her best characteristics and attributes.  Get to know your body, your personality, and your overall self and find out your best points. 

You can also know what these are by the compliments that other people give you.

Be confident

I’ve always believed that a confident woman is a beautiful woman.  Never slouch, walk straight, and exude that confidence when using your charms.  You must look like you really want what you want and you’ll do everything to get it. 

You’ll surely look more beautiful if you are confident with what you have and with what you are as a woman.  And more often than not, if you’re confident, you’re also most likely aware of the charming power that you have over men.


Always smile.  You’ll never go wrong with a single smile; it’s the best reaction that you can give to strangers and to awkward moments. 

Your smile can be the sun that will brighten a man or any other person’s day.  So make sure that you always have a warm and genuine smile.

Use your charm and assets in a good way

Now that you know your charm and your best assets, it’s time for you to put them to some good use.  You must always remember that while using your feminine wiles, you must not step on the ego of a man, since it’s their typical sense of self-worth. 

Even if you’re using your feminine charms and assets full force on a man, still show some respect and make the man feel desirable and appreciated. 

Furthermore, never use sex as leverage, unless you want to be branded as a classic femme fatale or crafty woman, which guys are afraid to approach (there’s really a big difference between being seen as charming and being seen as a pure manipulator).

All women are gifted with feminine assets, but in the end, its success all boils down to the technique that we use. 

Depending on how we do it, it can either charm a man and we’ll gain or get something from it, or if used in the wrong way, it can also gain us a reputation for being the best manipulator or seductress in town. 

That’s why it always helps if we use our feminine wiles only at a certain extent and never for the wrong reasons and in the wrong way.

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