Why I said Yes to Exercise

Why I said Yes to Exercise
I want to have a healthy and fit body.  I know that it’s very important to become and remain fit and healthy, because with good health, nothing can go wrong with your life.  I know that I can only achieve this with a balanced diet and with proper exercise, but the problem is I’m really not a fan of doing a lot of exercise. I’ve always hated exercising and everything that basically has to do with sweating.  It’s not just the sweat that goes with exercising that’s the problem, but it’s more of my laziness to commit to exercising.  Call me lazy, but I actually would want to have just some form of any Weightloss for Lazy Women tips rather than go for a run or hit the gym. But some series of events came as an epiphany to me and made me finally say yes to exercise.  Here are some of the reasons why I said yes to exercise:

1. I gained a lot of weight and people kept telling me about it

It’s so annoying that the first thing that people noticed about me was that I gained a lot of weight.  Even my father, whom I met when he had a short visit in town, told me: “What happened to you?  Why is it that you look so big?” even before saying “Hi” or “How are you?”  And when I visited my parents’ hometown to attend my cousin’s wedding, I became the center of attention because people couldn’t believe that the once skinny me had now become a chubby and fatty me (ouch!).

2. I can’t fit into my jeans

If people told me that I gained a lot of weight, usually I would just shrug it off and then go on with my life.  But now, how can I just shrug it off when the evidence is just there lurking in my closet?

I may be in denial about the fact that I gained a lot of weight, but when I tried my not-so-old jeans and they didn’t fit me anymore, that became my wake-up call.  I couldn’t fit into my 24-inch size shorts and jeans, and it was just so frustrating that I had to push and pull my pants just to let them fit me, but still to no avail.  I started to panic when after measuring my waist, the number 29 stared back at me, so I said to myself that whether I like it or not, it’s time for me to work my ass off and do some exercise.

3. I easily get tired

 One thing that I observed when my weight steadily increased was that I got tired so easily.  I always feel so sleepy, especially after having a hearty meal. Before, I could still stay up the whole afternoon and the whole night just to get my work done; now I have to rely on caffeine for an energy boost.  I feel like I have no more spare energy and that I just hit the sack once I get home. yes to exercise

4. I’m always out of breath

I really feel that I am already out of shape because just taking the stairs or walking briskly if I’m in a hurry causes my chest to hurt and leaves me catching my breath.  It’s like the faster that I move, the shorter my breath becomes.  I can say that my body is no longer used to being active, and this is taking a toll on my system.

5. I’m just so stressed out

Aside from feeling so tired, I feel so stressed out.  There even came a point that my stress and fatigue seemed so inherent that not even sleep and rest could cure it.  My stress level really just kept rising the more that my weight was rising and the more that I became inactive.

When I sought my friend’s help, who is also a doctor, what she said about these things that I was experiencing as being signs that I need to go back to being active actually made sense.  Before, I didn’t feel any of these things because though I didn’t exercise, I was getting a lot of activity from my dancing career.  It is only when I retired from dancing, said goodbye to my dance troupe, and became stuck with just sitting at my desk at work that my weight steadily increased and I began to feel these things.

Now, it has come to a point where I am so angry and frustrated with what’s going on with myself that yes, I’m finally saying yes to exercise, yes to a healthy lifestyle, and yes to a new me!

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