Why Laser Hair Removal Is A Better Option Than Shaving Or Waxing

Stop Wearing Deodorant - Healthy womanThere are many cosmetic procedures that are growing in popularity. Among the most common ones, laser hair removal is a procedure that is opted by most women who are really tired of the constant shaving and waxing sessions that become kind of a routine. Now, if you are in London, a simple search for ‘laser hair removal London’ can get you quite a few results based on your location and proximity.

Depending on which clinic offers the best reviews, you can inquire more about their services and fees and go ahead with the procedure. But, is laser hair removal that much better than traditional methods? 

There are people who naturally have less body hair than others. That is due to factors like genes, hormones and physiology; all of which can’t be controlled at will. Consequently, people with lighter complexion and denser body hair might find it a bother to deal with the same time and again.

At home or at skincare outlets, shaving and waxing are the fastest and most economical options available. Sure, doing the procedures a couple of times might not feel that expensive, but there’s a major point that is being overlooked. After shaving or waxing, body hair that grows back is stronger, thicker and at times sticks out going against the grain. The only option for you remains to keep continuing shaving or waxing to keep the hair at bay.

If the hair colour is not that dense, people might try to bleach them, but that option is also not very reliable, and you don’t know how the chemicals might react with your skin. People with sensitive skin might not like shaving and waxing too often. Primarily because of the pain associated with them. You might have nerves of steel, not everyone else.

Let’s look at it this way. Shaving and waxing are somewhat effective, but only for a short while. Plus, there might be hair that escapes your eagle eye. A week or so (at best) later, hair grows back, and the same routine needs to be followed. Depending on your skin type, you might have to use specific foams, gels or waxes to avoid any kind of adverse reaction. Add all these up over the course of a year and you can see the cost steadily climbing.

In the laser hair removal procedure, doctors can assure you of 80-90% coverage. That means you can get rid of almost 80-90% hair in the area you want to be treated. Hair that is missed out is either too thin or too small to be noticed. The added bonus is – hair once removed never grows back.

Using a high-intensity light beam in the infrared range, specific areas are targeted. The heat from the laser is conducted via the hair strand right down to the roots, destroying the hair follicle completely. Compared to the hassle involved with multiple sessions of shaving and waxing, this procedure is done maybe a couple of times to get you the desired result.

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