Why You Should Learn How to Live Frugally

By Mae Davies / August 16, 2014
Why You Should Learn How to Live Frugally

Before you begin to roll your eyes or raise your eyebrows, first allow me to tell you some of the reasons why you should learn how to live frugally

Learning how to live frugally is way cooler than it sounds and way more beneficial than what you would normally think. Frugal living means spending less than what you earn; it means having enough savings at the end of the month because of reduced spending. But why should you learn how to live frugally?

It helps you live within your budget

You should learn how to live frugally because it makes you live within your budget, with what you have. Living within your own budget is important because as you already know, it’s hard to be broke and to live with a lot of debt. It’s difficult when you live like a one-day-millionaire and like a pauper during the rest of your days. It’s really hard when you don’t have any savings to use for emergencies and necessary expenses.

It helps you save money

When you learn to live frugally and live within or beneath your budget, you save more money. More money equals a more secure future. Need I say more?

It helps you achieve your dreamshow to live frugally

Learning  to live frugally will help you pursue your dreams, whether it includes engaging in a business, traveling around the world, getting a master’s degree, building a family, or retiring to a remote paradise. However small or big may your dream be, it will help you achieve it because you have your own savings to fund the future that you want to build or have. You have more energy to spend on planning your future and achieving your dreams because you won’t be preoccupied with worries of debts due and other bills to pay.

You will learn how to value things and be content with what you have

When you learn to live frugally, you will also learn to practice contentment. Always giving in to our desires and wants is a constant stressor. When we always want more, when we’re always not satisfied, when we look for something that’s better than what we have even if what we have is already enough for us, the tendency is that we would just take the things that we have for granted. But when we learn to live frugally, we also learn to acknowledge that what we have is already enough, and in turn, we learn how to value the things that we have and we learn how to practice contentment.

It will give you more peace of mind

According to Lucretius, “It is great wealth to a soul to live frugally with a contented mind.” Indeed, living frugally will give you more peace of mind. When you learn how to live frugally and actually live frugally, you’ll be content because you’ll feel more secured and safe knowing that you have saved something for the rainy days. You don’t have to worry about whether you still have something to eat for the next couple of days. You don’t have to take up three or four jobs just to pay off your debts. And you don’t have to anxiously wait for your next paycheck just so you can buy something that you need.

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