Yoga Poses for Toned Arms

Yoga Poses for Toned Arms

Many of single women would agree that they don’t have time to perform any of the arm toning exercises for women. There are lot of things that can distract women from attaining those toned arms – there are many reasons why they have no time to go to the gym – but that won’t be a problem when you can perform your arm toning exercises at home. Yoga has become the comfort of many women: single, married, young and old. One of the hidden advantageswhen a single woman does yoga poses is that she inevitably tones her arms. This is like hitting two birds with one stone!

In case you’re interested in using yoga poses to tone those flabby arms, here are some positions that you can apply. You can now ditch those arm toning exercises in the gym, and the equipment that doesn’t give you realistic results. Now is the time to say good bye to flabby arms and say hello to a new you.

Headstand and Handstands

This is not just a balancing act we are talking about. When you do handstands and headstands, you are using your arms to support your whole body. That is already one kindof an exercise. In order to have the correctpose and alignment, you need to use your upper arm strength. While doing these poses, you are not just performing arm toning exercises; you are also strengthening your core.

How do you do these stances?

If you are still a newbie to these poses, you can use the wall to help you attain balance and alignment. Foryour first position, the headstand, kneel on the floor next to the wall with your elbows underneath your shoulders, and your knees underneath your hips. Rest your elbows on the floor and clasp your hands. Make sure that your elbows are shoulder width apart. Place your head on the floor, resting on your clasped hands, then raise your hips and walk your feet forward until your hips are positioned above your shoulders. Now bend your knees, draw them up to your chest and raise your feet off the floor. Now straighten both legs and press down on your arms. Hold this pose for ten breaths then lower one leg at a time to the floor. To transition tothe handstand position, lift your legs one by one until both are placed against the wall. Lift your head away from the floor using your arms.

Handstands are done by placing the hands flat on the floor about a foot from the wall. Make sure that your hands areshoulder width apart. Your elbows should be straight and relaxed. Similar to the headstand, lift your legs up one after the other and rest your heels on the wall over your head. Remember, to transition to a different pose or to simply get out of the pose, slowly lower each leg down to the floor. yoga poses

Downward Facing Dog

Another yoga pose that maybe considered as one of the best arm toning exercises for women, is one of the more yoga poses; the downward facing dog. Your initial pose begins with you on all fours, with knees bent. Your knees must be hip-width apart, while your hands should be shoulder width apart. As you move to the downwardfacing dog position, you must first move your hands in front of yourshoulders. Use your toes for support as you lift your hips up to the downward dog facing position. Elevate your pelvis by using the palms of your hands to push against the floor. Make sure that your fingers are being used. Broaden and elongate your back by stretching your arms straight. Your feet and legs should also push into the floor, and your stomach muscles shouldbe pulled in tight.

There you have them: yoga poses that you can try at home. Make sure that you are properly stretched before doing these poses. Yoga is not just a meditative discipline; it can be used to tone yourarms and your whole body. However, make sure that you are fit enough to attempt these poses before you begin.

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