You love me? Thank my wiles…

You love me? Thank my wiles.....
A wile is a stratagem used to ensnare, a trickery used to seduce, and a seductive approach… in other words, it can be a very powerful tool for a woman. Yes, we are going to discuss the long lost power of feminine wiles.

The thing about feminine wiles is that most people think that it is unfair to use them… It’s like women are not being real because they are merely “strategizing” a way to make the man fall for her.

The above statement is not true.

Just because you are using the long-forgotten feminine wiles does not mean you’re not being true;you’re just “amplifying” your natural charm. There’s a difference between outright manipulation and subtle feminine wiles.

What does that mean?

Manipulation is when you become forceful in your seduction, meaning “researching” about what the man wants and turning those qualities into yourself. That is bad; there’s no other word for that.

Here are some tips on how you can use your wiles:

  1. You’re a girl, so be a girl whenever you’re dating the guy you seem to be falling for. You can wear a fancy dress, wear high heels, and put on some makeup. This can be done even if you’re the “one of the boys” type of girl. What’s wrong if you want to be feminine on your date? It’s not like you’re “deceiving” him into thinking that you are very feminine;you just want to look good for him.

wilesAnother thing included in the feminine wiles is the manner of speaking. Be gentle and soft spoken.

  1. Don’t give it all. Okay boys, it’s not that she isn’t going to reveal anything about herself; it’s just that she’s not going to give it all to you. Boys will call it playing “hard to get,” which is believed to be a bad characteristic. Girls, beg to disagree. Being hard to get is good because you are supposed to take care of yourself. And, no matter how much boys deny it, they find mysterious girls attractive!
  1. Be a little touchy, be a little flirty. Right, some girls are not big on being touchy because it makes them look clingy. Not really. In fact, being touchy and flirty is one of the best feminine wiles a woman can use. First they make the man think that you’re interested (flirty part), but more than that, they will know that you are affectionate.

Sometimes, a man is more turned on when you become a little naughty. So punch in a few naughty remarks.

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  1. Bring out that smile. A feminine wiles rule that most women forget is to smile. Sometimes, women become so uptight that they forget to smile and show that he is appreciated. When a guy (take note, you really like him!) gives you a compliment, you just drop your jaw and become beside yourself. Come on! Get a grip, give him a smile, and thank him for the well-deserved compliment.
  1. Be smart. Okay, how can that be a part of the feminine wiles? What if I’m not smart? Don’t worry; it’s not about being academically intelligent. It’s about being witty, being alert, and being a little more than charming. If you are good at something, say painting (or just any hobby, really), drive the conversation towards your expertise. That way, you will have something to talk about, and you even get bonus points because you’ll impress him.

These tips are not strict; you can make your own as long as it is your personality that you are using and not someone else’s.

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